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S EVENT Y-FIR ST CONGRESS . SESs. III . Ca. 278. 1931 . Experiments, inves- tigations, etc ., at sta- tions . Vol. 45, p . 700 . Management of ranges, etc . Vol.45,p.701 . Forest products ex- periments-Vol . 45, p. 701 . Forest Products La- boratory, Wis . Construction, etc . Ante, p . 167 . Forest survey . Vol . 45, p. 7 02. Forest economics . Vol .45,p.702. Agg regate . Additional, from co- operative forest fund contributions . Vol. 43, p.1132. U.S. C.,p. 428. Vol . 38, p. 430. U.S. C.,p. 422. Provisos . Services in the Dis- trict . Contribution to In- ternatio nal Union of Forest R esearch St a- ti ons . For est-fire preven- tio n. C oope rati on wi th States, etc., for protec- tion of timber on their lands . Vol. 43, p. 653 . U.S.C .,p. 427. Tax laws and timber insurance . Services in the Dis- trict. Purchase of supplies, etc . of forest research in the Department of Agriculture through research in reforestation, timber growing, protection, utilization ; for est eco - nomics, and related subjects," approved May 22, 1928 (U. S. C., Supp . III, title 16, sees . 581, 581a, 581f-581i), as follows : Forest management : Fire silvicultural, and other forest investiga- tions and experiments under section 2, at forest experiment stations or elsewhere, $562,000. Rang e inv estig ation s : Investigations and experiments to develop improved methods of management of forest and other ranges under section 7, at forest or range experiment stations or elsewhere, $130,000, of which not to exceed $10,000 may be expended for range utilization research in cooperation with the United St ates Range Livestock Experiment Station at Miles City, Montana . Forest products : Experiments, investigations, and tests of forest products under section 8, at the Forest Products Laboratory, or elsewhere, $641,300 . For carrying out the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the acceptance of a donation of land and the construc- tion thereon of suitable buildings and appurtenances for the Forest Products Laboratory, and for other purposes," approved Apri l 15, 1930 (46 Stat ., pp . 167-168), $800,000, which amount shall be immediately available . Forest survey : A comprehensive forest survey under section 9, $200,000 . Fo re st e co nom ic s : Investi gations in forest economi cs under section 10, $75,000 . In all, salaries and expenses, $13,084,620 ; and in addition thereto there are hereby appropriated all moneys received as contributions toward cooperative work under the provisions of section 1 o f the Act approved March 3, 1925 (U . S . C ., title 16, sec . 572), which funds ,hall be covered into the Treasury and constitute a part of the special funds provided by the Act of June 30, 1914 (U . S. C., title 16, sec. A98)

Provided, That not to exceed $510,700 may be expended for

departmental personal services in the District of Columbia


vided further, That not to exceed $1,000 may be expended for the contribution of the United States to the cost of the office of the secr etari at of the Inter natio nal U nion of Fo rest Resea rch S tatio ns . FOREST-FIRE COOPERATION For cooperation with the various States or other appro priate agencies in forest-fire prevention and suppression and the protection of t imber ed an d cut -over land s in accor dance with the provi sions of sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the protection of forest lands, for the reforestation of denuded areas, for the extensi on of nat ional fo rests, an d for ot her purpo ses, in order to promote continuous production of timber on lands chiefly valu- able therefor," approved June 7, 1924 (U. S. C., title 16, sees. 564-570), as amended, including also the study of the ef fect of tax laws and the investigation of timber insurance as provided in section 3 of sa id Act, $ 1,775,00 0, of whi ch $54,4 80 shall be avail able for departmental personal services in the District of Columbia and not to exceed $2,000 for the purchase of supplies and equipment required for the purposes of said Act in the District of Columbia . Forest planting stock .

CO OPER ATIV E DI STRI BUTI ON OF FOR EST PLAN TING STO CK Co ope rati on with For coope ratio n wit h the vari ous S tates in t he pr ocure ment, pro- States, etc ., in procur- ing forest tree seeds, duction, and distribution of forest-tree seeds and plants in estab- foreste dd anndedernon- forested lands .

lishing windbreaks, shelter belts, and farm wood lots upon denuded