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105 Support of Indians and administration of Indian property (tribal etSufiort oIndians, funds) : For an ad dit ion al amount for general support of In dia ns and administration of Indian property under the jurisdiction of the following agencies to be paid from the funds held by the United States in trust for the respective tribes in not to exceed the following sums, respectively :

Flathead Agency, M on ta na : Flathead, fiscal ye ar 1931, $ 5,000 ;

Mont . Wisconsin : Kesh ena fisca l ye ar 19 30, $4 > 000 f -

wis Keshena Agency, . Wisconsin : Keshena, fiscal year 1931, $10,000 . Payment to Loyal Shawnee Indians, Oklahoma : For payment to oLoa al Shawnees, the Loyal Shawnee Indians in settlement of their claim arising under Paym ent to, for the twelfth article of the treaty with said Indians proclaimed ctober 1•Vo .15, p. 516. 14, 1868 (15 Stat. p . 513), as authorized by and in accordance with V Vol. 45, p1 1550. the Act of March 4, 1929 (45 Stat ., p. 1550), fiscal years 1930 and 1931, $109,746 .25 . BUREAU OF P ENSI ONS

Pensions Bureau . Salaries : For an additional amount for the Commissioner of Personal services . Pensions and other personal services in the District of Columbia, fiscal year 1930, $30,000 . Investigation of pension cases : For expenses of special investiga- Special investiga . tions pertaining to the Bureau of Pensions, including the same tions . objects specified under this head in the Interior Department Appro- pria tion Act for the fi scal year 1930, $40,000. Em ploy ees' Ret ire- Employees' Retirement Act : For payment to Sarah A . Sweeney, m ent Act . annuitant under section 6, Act of July 3, 1926 (U . S . C ., Supp . III, Sa rah A. to eeney . title 5, sec . 696a), being the balance found due her for travel expenses Vol .44, p.907. in connection with her medical examina tion on October 4, 1927, p .228- c ., Supp . Iv, fiscal year 1928, $6 .34 . BUREAU OF RECLAMATION Sec ond ary projects : For an additional amount for cooperative and general investigations, fiscal years 1930 and 1931, $275,000, pay- a ble f rom the recla mati on f und, of w hich amo unt not to ex ceed $25,000 may be used for personal services, and not to exceed $10,000 fo r other ex penses, in the offi ce of the chief engi neer . NATIONAL PARK SERVICE Recl amation Bu- reau . Secondary projects . National Park Serv- ice. Crat er L ake N atio nal Park , Ore gon : For an additional amount Crater Lake, Oreg . for administration, protection, and maintenance, fiscal year 1930, $12,000 . Yellowstone Nation al Park, WW'yo ming : For an additional Yellowstone, Wyo . am ount for admin istr ation , pr otect ion, and main tenan ce, fisca l ye ar 1930, $17,000. Zion National Park, Utah : Not to exceed $4,500 of the unex- Balance ah . available for pen ded balan ce of the appropr iation of $19,800 for the c onstrue- s uper inte ndent 's c ot- tion of physical improvements at Bryce Canyon National Park, laVol . 45, p .1596 . Utah, fiscal year 1930, shall be available until June 30, 1930, for com- pletion at Zion National Park of an employee's cottage for the use of the superintendent . Emer gency rec onstr ucti on an d fi ghtin g fo rest fire s : For an addi- Fighting forest fires . tional amount for emergency reconstruction and fighting forest fires t ransferred . i n national parks, including $5,000 for repair of equipment used in fighting fires in Glacier rational Park, fiscal year 1930, $180,000, vof 45, p .1600 . to be available also for reimbursement of park appropriations for the amounts transferred therefrom under the authority contained in the Inter ior Depar tment Ap propriati on Act fo r the fis cal year 1930 .