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74TH CONGRESS . SESS . I. CHS. 78, 79, 81, APRIL 24, 25,1935.

161 [CHA PTER 78 .] JOINT RES OLUT ION To extend the ti me within whi ch contracts may be modified or canceled under the provisions of sec ti on 5of the Independent Off ic es App ro pri at ion Ac t, 1934 . Resolved by the Senate and House o f Representatives ofthe United States o f America in Congress assembled, That section 5 of Transportation co n- tracts . the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1934, is amended by t ime fi nn y which c on__ striking out "April 30, 1935 and inserting in lieu thereof Octo- fied, etc ., extended . ber 31, 1935 ".

V lr,4p, p . 305 . Approved, April 24, 1935 . [CHA PTER 79 .] JOINT RES OLUTION Authorizing the appropriation of funds for the maintenance of public order and the pr ot ect ion of life and pr ope rty during the convention of the Imperial Council of the Mystic Shrine in the District of Columbia June 8, 1935, to June 17, 1935, both inclusive . Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives o f the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of District con. $50,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby authorized v s ti on, 1935odzed to to be appropriated, payable wholly from the revenues of the District maintain order, etc. 217 . of Columbia, to enable the Commissioners of the District of Colum- Ante, n. 34. bia t o main tain p ublic order and pr otect life a nd pro perty in the District of Columbia from the 8th day of June 1935 to the 17th day of June 1935, both inclusive, including the emplo yment of per sonal servic es, th e paym ent of allow ances, trave ling e xpense s, hire of mea ns of transp ortati on, an d othe r inci dental expen ses in the discretion of the said Commissioners . There is hereby further Additional, for p ub- lic convenience, etc., authorized to be appropriated the sum of $4,000, or so much thereof s tations . as may be necessary, payable as aforesaid, for the construction, rent maintenance, and for incidental expenses in connection with the operation of temporary public-convenience stations, first-aid sta- tions, and information booths, including the employment of personal services in connection therewith during such period . Approved, April 24, 1935 . [CHAPTER 81 .] AN ACT To authorize certain officers of the Navy and Marine Corps to administer oaths . Be it ena cted b y the Senate and H ouse o f Repr esenta tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in places beyond the continental limits of the United States where the Navy or Marine Corps is serving, such officers of the Navy or Marine Corps as are authorized to administer oaths for the purposes of the adminis- tration of naval justice and for other purposes of naval administra- tion shall have the general powers of a notary public or of a consul of the United States in the administration of oaths, the execution and acknowledgment of legal instruments, the attestation of doc- uments, and the performance of all other notarial acts . Approved, April 25, 1935 . 3040140 o -36

11 April 24, 1935 . [S.J.Res.93.] [Pub. Res ., No . 13.] April 24, 1935 . [S. J. Res. 97 .] [Pub. Res ., No . 14.] April 25, 1935 . [S. 93.] [Public, No . 42.3 Nav y and Marine Corps . Ce rt ain officers au- thorized to administer oaths, beyond conti. nental limits . U.S.C.,p.1591.