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14TH CONGRESS. SESS. I. CH. 476. AUGUST 7, 1935. the amounts shown, which have been approved and recommended for payment by the Secretary of War, for damages to and loss of private property of such personnel incident to the training, practice, opera- tion, or maintenance of the Army, and that such payments be made from the present appropriation of the War Department, entitled " Claims for damages to and loss of private property, in accord with conditions therein stated.": Edith Alward, wife of Statl Serge&llt Henry J. Alward, $43.50; R. G. Ayers, captain, Infantry, $55.15; Miss G. M . Anderson, civilian employee, $22.30; Harrison B. Beavers, captain Infantry, $14.85; James H. Blackwell, major, Medical Corps, $45; Clitlord Bunting, sergeant, $7.30; Carl B. Byrd, captain, Cavalry, $21.50; Frank T. Balke, lieutenant, Infantry Reserve, $160; Michael J. Byrne, captain, Infantry, $32; Marion Budnick, civilian employee, $22.67; Jasper E. Brady,lieutenant, Infantry, $7.60; M. E . Barker, captain, Chemical Warfare Service, $37.75; Warren R. Carter, first lieutenant, Air Corpst $250; Paul J. Chesterton, ser- geant, $146.50; Thomas E. Vhrist, CIvilian employee, $21.25; Harvey G. Clark, sergeant, $40; Robert M. Copeland, caytain, Corps of Engineers, $3.85; W. A . Copthorne, major, Chemica Warfare Serv- ice, $50; James A. Corcoran, sergeant, $4; T. M . Chambliss, major, Infantry, $12~.35; Floyd M. Crutchfield, technical sergeant, $17.10; Harvey T. Davi~ priyate (first class), and Mrs. Davis, $108; Willie A. Dennis, staff sergeant, $6.43; Edward F. Durham, civilian emp'loyee, $15.70 ; John H. Daniels, sergeant, $;)'9.75; Gust Ehen, civIlian employee, $15.20; Timothy F. Foleyz civilian employee, $43.2'5; Valentine P. Foster, captain, Coast Artillery Corps, $6; Gustav H. Franke, major, Field Artillery, $13.50; John M. Fray, captain, Field Artillery, $17; George Giebler, sergeant, $:~5.75; Burgo D. Gill, second lieutenant, Field Artillery, $54.75; Alexander O. Gorder,.captain, Infantry, $27.30; Willian 1 Grant, master sergeant, $17.(;4; Chris Gunther, civilian emEloyee, $228.90; L. Perry Ham- mond, eivilian employee, $26.17; Lee 'V. Haney, first lieutenant, Infan- try, $20; Glenn 'V. Hanna7 civilian employee, $30.25; David Heidler, private, $5.15; R. L. HarrIS, first lieutenant, Signal Reserve, $24.25; Francis 'V. Honeycutt, lieutenant colonel, Field Artillery, $19.10; L. P . Hudson, second lieutenant, Air Corps, $85; M. E . Jennings, first lieutenant, Chemical 'Varfare Service, $46; Joseph S. Johnson, ('aptain, Infantry, $300; H. D. Jones, sergeant, $14.80; George W. J ones, sergeant, $18.75; Robert F. Keiper, civilian employet', $12.50; George A. Knight, civilian employee, $15; Lewis M. Krostag, pri- vate, $104.50; Frank L. Kopp, sergeant, $92.50; C. H . Larrabee, war- rant officer, $.'38; Lyle R. Lappin, sergeant, $44.15; Joe D. Lunday, civilian employee, $71; the estate of Alexander W. Maish, late major, United States Army, retired, $37.95; B. G. Marchi, second lieutenant, Infantry Reserve, $64.50; Frank Monroe, sergeant, $4; 'Vinfield R. McKay, captain, Infantry, $13 t Harry J. Mills, private, $55; Timothy M. Montgomery, civilian employee, $11; 'V. F . O'Neill, civilian employee, $59; Walter E. Prosser, major, Signal Corps, $14; Hartley C. Powell, civilian employee, $139.55; Alexander Phillips, sergeant, $15; Basil H. Perry, captain, Field Artillery, $55.65; Robert K. Perrine, second lieutenant, Infantry, $49.95; J. C . Raaen, first lieutenant, Infantry, $8.75; William T. S. Roberts, first lieuten- ant1., . Infantry, $16; Au~st A. Reekast, civilian employee, $17.50; B. L . Robinson, first lIeutenant, Corps of Engine,ers, $10; J. M . Harmon, first lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, $6.85; David W. Schueler, private, $:35.35; A. D. Sanders, first lieutenant, Infantry, 1 So in original. 2119