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3236 PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-'VINDWARD ISLANDS. Duplicate bill. 3. If a parcel bill is missing a duplicate shall be made out and a copy sent to the dispatching Office of Exchange from which the dis- patch was received. Xoting of dam:l!(e, 4. Insured parcels bearinO' evidence of violation or damage must ~~i~\~.registered, el(· . , have the facts noted on the~ and be marked with the stamp of the office making the note or a document drawing attention to the viola- tion or damage must Le forwartIed with the parcels. XV. FEES FOR DELIVERY AND FOR CUSTOl\IS FORl\IALITIES. DE:\l1:RRAGE CHARGES. II very charges .... J . Customs and de- 1 The idministration of the countr'l' of destination mav collect. . from the addressee, for the fulfilment 0 customs formalities and tIe- livery at his residence, a charge not exceeding 20 cents (100 gold centimes) per parcel, as well as a supplementary charge of 10 cents (50 gold centimes) per parcel for each new presentatIOn, when the first presentation has been unsuccessful. Demurrage. 2. Each Administration may impose reasonable storage or demur- rage charges in case the addressee fails to accept delivery of any parcel within such reasonahle time as is prescribed by the Adminis- tration of the country of destination. Any such charges shall be can- celled in the event of the return of the parcel to the country of origin. Redirection. XVI. REDIRECTION. Prescribed charges. 1. Any parcel redirected within the Country of destination or de- livered to an alternate addressee at the original office of address shall be liable to such additional charges as may be prescribed by the Administration of thnt country. Collecting new f(~ 2. When a parcel is redirected to either country, new postage as well as new insurance fees, in the case of insured parcels (which, when redirected, must be dispatched in the same kind of mails as received, that is~ insured) may, if not prepaid, be collected upon de- livery and retaIned by the Administration making the collection. The Administration making delivery shall fix the amount of such fees and postage when not prepaid. an~t::TarmstroBot (talk) 17:23, 19 November 2014 (UTC) as to 3. Insur~d parcels shall not be forwarded or returned to another country unless they may be forwarued or returned as insured mail. Senders may indorse insured parcels "Do not forward to a third country," in which event the parcels shall not be forwarded to any other country. Unless such parcels are indorsed to indicate that the senders do not wish them forwarded to any country other than that of mailing or within the country of original address, they may be forwarded to a third country if they cun be forwarded as insured mail. Insured parcels may be returned to the sender in a third coun- try in accordance with a return address on the parcels, if they can et!ndemnitY for loss, be returned as insured mail. In case of the loss, rifling, or damage Ante, p. 3:ro. of an insured parcel forwarded or returned to a third country, in- demnity will be paid only in accordance with the stipulations of Article XII, section 3, of this Agreement. Charges '?ther than XVII. P08rAL CHARGES OTHER THAN THOSE PRESCRIBED NOT TO BE those prescribed. (' .... OLLECTED. Kottobecollected. 1. The parcels to which this Agreement applies shall not be sub- ject to any postal charges other than those contemplated by the different artic1es hereof.