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3756 Promotion of trade. RECIPROCAL TRADE-S'VEDEN. MA Y 25. 1935. other acts or policies which in his opinion tend to defeat the pur- poses set forth in this section; and the proclaimed duties and other import restrictions shall be in effect from and after such time as is specified in the proclamation. The President may at any time ter- minate any such proclamation in whole or in part." WHEREAS I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, have found as a fact that certain existing duties and other import restrictions of the United States of America and Sweden Vol. 46 , p. i08; Vol. are unduly burdening and restricting the foreign trade of the United 48. p. 943. States of America and that the purpose declared in the said Tariff Purpose. declared Most-ravored·nation treatment. Act of 1930, as amended by the said Act of June 12, 1934, will be promoted by a foreign trade agreement between the United States of America and Sweden; 'VHEREAS reasonable public notice of the intention to negotiate such foreign trade agreement was given and the views presented by persons interested in the negotiation of such agreement were received and considered; 'VHEREAS, after seeking and obtaining information and advice with respect thereto from the United States Tariff Commission, the Departments of State, Agriculture, and Commerce, and from other sources, I entered into a foreign Trade Agreement on :May 25, 1935, through my duly empowered plenipotentiary, with His }.Iajesty the King of Sweden, through his duly empowered plenipotentiary, which Agreement, including two Schedules annex0d thereto, all in the English and Swedish languages, is in words and figures as follows: The President of the United States of America and His Maj- esty the King of Sweden, being desirous of strengthening the tra- ditional bonds of friendship be- tween the two countries by main- taining and giving the fullest possible effect to the principle of equality of treatment in their commercial relations and by gran~ iug mutual and reciprocal con- cessions and advantages for the promotion of trade, have through their respective Plenipotentiaries arrived at the following Agree- ment: ARTICLE I The United States of America and Sweden will grant each other unconditional and unrestricted most-favored-nation treatment in all matters concerning the cus- toms duties and subsidiary charges of every kind and in the method of levying duties, and, further, in all matters concerning the rules, Amerikas Forent.a Staters Presi- dent och Hans Majestat Konun- gen av Sverige, vilka onska starka de vanskapsband, som av alder besta mellan de bada landerna, genom att uppratthaIla och gint storsta mojliga verkan at princi- pen om likabehandling i de kom- mersiella forbindelserna samt genom att medgiva varandra om- sesidiga och reciproka konces- sioner och formaner till handelns framjande, hava genom sino. re- spektive fullmaktige ombud traf- fat foljande overenskommelse: ARTIKEL I Amerika.s Forenta Stater och Sverige skola tillerkanna varandra ovillkorlig och obegransad be- handling sasom mest gynnad na- tion i allt vad angar tullar och aHa slags tilliiggsavgHter samt sattet for tullarnas och av~fter­ nas uppbarnnde ayensom 1 alIt vad angar de regIer, formaliteter