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3900 Schedule I-Ceo. RECIPROCAL TRADE-COLOMBIA. SCHEDULE I-Continued Colombiao Tariff Product Import Duty io Colom· b180 Pesos per Gross Kilo Numeral 488 Sewing machines and wrought or finished parts. 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 504 Mowers, seeders, and fertilizer spreaders. Under N umeral491: All machines for agriculture, not mentioned in other parts of the tariff. Balances and scales and their weights for weighing from 1000 grams up to 250 kilograms (when up to 1000 grams, see Numeral 545). Under Numeral 492: Steelyards. Scales and their weights, for weighing more than 250 kilograms. Note-For Numerals 492 and 493 whenever their importation is permitted under decree 956 of 1931. Dynamos, electric motors, transformers, rheostats. Steam motors, hydraulic motors, turbines, gasoline motors, petroleum motors, alcohol motors and other motors, not specified. Pumps of all kinds. Under Numeral 496: Hydraulic rams for the elabora- tion of petroleum or naphtha, hydraulic machines and equipment for irrigativn. Piping and accessories of iron or steel for large instal- lations, as, for example, for aqueducts, oil pipe lines, etc., whenever the pipes have a diameter of 5 centi- meters or more (for others, see Numeral 364). Under Numeral 497: Valves aud r(;;gisters for aque- ducts, etc., of iron or steel, copper or brass. Textile-working machinery. Under Numeral 498: All machines for working cotton, rubber, textile fibers, for the manuiacture of threads and fabrics, for the making of sacks, locms, darr.ers for weaving hosiery, etc. Machinery for working wood, metals, stone, leather, for the paper industry. Under Numeral 49v: Machines for the manufacture of chinaware, poreelain, crystal, glass, bricks and paving tiles; for sawing, turning, for making but- tons, saws for hewing stone. Machines for working and preparing foodstuffs and beverages, drugs, etc. Under Numeral 500: Crushers, pounders of cereals, etc., evaporators, sugar evaporators, pails, boilers, and all machines for working sugar cane, wheat, rice, etc., for making beers and edible pastes; pressers for the extraction of oil from seed; large machines for making mixtures, dividing doses and making pills; stills; machines for making cigarettes; appr.ratus for the preparation of gaseous waters on a large scale. Other machines and mechanical utensils not classified in another part of the tariff and parts for macfiinery lond mechanical utensils not mentioned in other places in the tariff. 0.01 0.01 0.20 O. 10 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 O. 01 0.01 0.10