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3950 Schedule II-Con- tinued. RECIPROCAL TRADE-S'VITZEULAND. SCHEDULE II-Continued


enited Statl's Tariff Act of 1\.130 Paragraph Description or }.rticIes 1504 (b) (3) l\Ien's Yeddo hats composed wholly or in chief value of unsplit straw, blocked but not trimmed (whether or not bleached, dyed, colored, or stained) 1529 (a) Braids (including braids or bandings made wholly 1529 (a) or in part of braids, but not including materials or articles provided for in paragraph 1504), suit- able for making or ornamenting hats, bonnets, or hoods, loom woven and ornamented in the proc- ess of weaving, or made by hand, or on a lace, knitting, or braiding machine, composed wholly or in chief value of ravon or other svnthetic textile, or of yarn, thre·ads, or filaments other than cotton, valued at more than $1 per pound Insertings, edgings, gaHooJ\s, fiouncings, ano all- overs; articles in chief ,-alue of one or more of the foregoing, except artieles of wearing apparel not ~pecified by name in this provision; curtains. pan- els, paneling, valances, sheets, pillowcases, bed- spreads, bolster cases, bed sets, ma.ts, doilies, rounds, ovals, oblongs, squares, motifs, bureau or table searfs and sct!~, piano scarfs, chair back and chair arm coyers, antimacassars, table cloths, napkins, bridge or luncheon sets, handkerchief cases, glove cases, handbags, purses, collars, cuffs, collar and cuff sets, ja.bots, yokes, plastrons, aprons, and boudoir caps; all the foregoing, fin- ished or unfinished, t·owever described and pro- vided for in paragraph 1529(a), which are em- broidered or tamboured and which are wholly or Rate of Duty $3.50 per doz., but not h-ss than $1.75 }Ji.'r doz. and 25~o ad vaL $1 per lb., but not less than 45% nor more than 90% ad val. in chief value of cotton • 60% ad val. Provided, That this prOV1SlOn shall not ~pply to laces, lace fabrics, and lace articles, made in any part on a lace machine, nor to articles ur materials embroidered or tamboured in any part by hand or otherwise than with the use of multiple-needle, Cornely, or Bonnaz embroidery machines (except that the edges may be embroidered with the use of other machines) ; but no article or material shall be E'xcluded from this provision by reason !)f the incidental ornr.mentation thereof by hand by means of spidel' work, faggoting, or 8imilar stitches, extending across openwork: resulting from the removal of a part of the fabric.