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78 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. (311.268. 1836. Kennebcc ar- stores; and for the purchase of twenty acres of land adjoining me Km. °°”“x» &·°· nebec arsenal, Maine; and the purchase of land and enclosing the my of the public ground with a. brick wal! and coping at the Frankford arsenal, Pennsylvania; and constructing a forging shop, one story high, seventy-five by forty feet, of brick, at the arsenal, Wammwn, Massa. chusetts; and in the purchase of a steam—engme of exght horse power; and for the quarters of officers at Fort Monroe arsenal, {bur hundred thousand dollars. Fog, {$1,4;. For Fort Mclglenryhlgedcubt Wood, and Covington Battery, mm ¤°¤¥ ¤ ‘im°*’°· Baltimore fift thousand dollars. F¤r¢M<>¤r<»¤- For Fort Ménroe, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. &£`¤r¢ M¤ri¤¤. For the repairs of Fort Marion, and the sczvwall at St. Augustine, ’ Florida Hit thousand dollars. Kmzpsacks, For icnagspcks and camp equipage, authorized by the act approved

    • 2 t f 1836 nineteenth of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, for

,1, f4_ ° ’ volunteers or militia, fiiiy-two thousand seven hundred and ive dollars, Acmugm. For accoutrcments for the army, one hundred and two thousand three ¤<>¤¥¤· &·¤>· hundred and five dollars. _Purch¤sg of For the purchase of sites, and the construction of arsenals, for the

 "gw deposite of arms in Arkansas, Missouri, and at Memphis, in Tennessee,

Provisgt ° forty-two thousand two hundred and fifty-six dollars. Provided, That the cost of such arsenal shall not exceed fourteen thousand dollars each. Fire engines. For the purchase of twenty-eight fire engines, and the necessary apparatus, twenty-two thousand four hundred dollars.

 d 5s0I' storehouses at Newport, Kentucky, one thousand five hundred

· · dollars. pmchw, of For purchasing seven acres of land, including the site of the powder Iand_ ac St. _ magazine attached to the arsenal at Saint Louis, Missouri, Provided the L‘iL‘;_2;gfs°““· slime shsll behascertaincd not to be on land of the United States, two ` thousand one undred dollars. Piazza, Au~ For erecting a piazza in front of the building occupied as barracks g“’“‘· G°· by the troops at Augusta arsenal, Georgia, four hundred and fifty dollars. Fonlesup. For barracks, quarters, storehouses, hospital, stables, and materials for the same, at Fort Jesup, Louisiana, twenty-five thousand dollars. Wvggzlg at Fort For rebuilding the wharf, and materials for the same, at Fort WO}- ‘ cott, Newport, Rhode Island, five hundred dollars. Fon Monroe. For constructing a wood-yard, and a wood-yard whari and for materials for the same, at Fort Monroe, Virginia, one thousand dollars. F°’*S°V°m· For constructing a wharf; and for materials for the same, at Fort Severn, Maryland, one thousand dollars. Fm B"“dY· For rebuilding and repairing barracks, quarters, hospital, store-houses, alud mageriags for the same, at Fort Brady, Michigan Territory, five t ouszm do lars. &€°1’* S¤mV¤¤. For the purchase of land adjoining Fort Sullivan, and the buildings ' thereon, three thousand seven hundred and fifiy dollars. For the following objects, in addition to former Appropriations for the same: pg}’;¤E*2;5;;yH°¤’· For nationalermory at Harper-’s Ferry, seventy-seven thousand eight Amory gt hundred end mnety-seven dollars. SpripiGe1d._ For natmnal armory at Springfield, forty-tive thousand dollars. ryhgct umué- For the purchase orlmauufacture of light brass and imp field artil- ’ ‘ lery, and for coustructnon of field artillery carriages, caissons, and travel1ingg`0rFes, one hundred and thirty-seven thousand one hundred and nmety dollars. F¤1'¤¤¢¤¤· tl For efmstruction of furnaces for heating cannon balls, W/BW0 xousan dollars. mI;‘;f;"§$2;£_g Sec.'2. And be it jin·t7zer enacted, That the President of the United Q; ,,ppmpm_ States is hereby authorized, under the restrictions of the act of the first Ufifégg ch 52 of May, mghteeu hundred and twenty, to make transfers {rom one head