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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. S1·:ss.I. Ch.362 1830. 127 four hundred and fifty arpens; Matthew Saucier, one thousand two hundred arpens; Charles Tayon, one thousand six hundred arpens; sons of Joseph M. Pepin, five thousand six hundred arpens; Louis Lorimiere, thirty thousand arpens; Bartholomew Cousin, ten thousand arpens; Manuel Gonzales Moro, eight hundred arpens; Seneca Rollins, four hundred arpens; William Long, four hundred arpens; James Journey, four hundred arpens; Joachim Lisa, six thousand arpens; Francois Lacomb, four hundred arpens; Israel Dodge, seven thousand [and] fifty six arpens; Andrew Chevalier, four hundred arpens; Joseph Silvain, two hundred and fifty arpens; John P. Cabanis, two thousand arpens; William Hartly, six hundred and fifty arpens; William Morrison, seven hundred and fifty arpens ; Solomon Bellew, three hundred and filly arpens; Paschal Detchemendez, seven thousand [and] fifty-six arpens; Baptiste Aunure, two hundred and forty arpens; Alexander Maurice, four hundred arpens; Jean Baptiste Valle, twenty thousand arpens; Israel Dodge, one thousand arpens; Walter Fenwick, ten thousand arpens; John Smith T., ten thousand arpens, and Mackey Wherry, sixteen hundred arpens. Seo. 2. And be it further enacted, That if it shall be found that any (,,},,,,1,,,,,] tract or tracts confirmed as aforesaid, or any part thereof, had been pre- may be located. viously located by any other person or persons under any law of the sg""}? °“Y °f United States, or had been surveyed and sold by the United States, this Liga, oo act shall confer no title to such lands in opposition to the rights acquired which is canby such location or purchase; but the individual, or individuals, whose H'm°‘l· claims are hereby confirmed, shall be permitted to locate so much thereof as interferes with such location or purchase, on any unappropriated land of the United States within_the State of Missouri, or Territory of Arkansas, in whichever the original claim may be, that may be subject to entry at private sale: Provided, That such location shall Proviso. conform to legal divisions and subdivisions, and shall not interfere with the rights of other persons. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the locations authorized by Looooooo ,o this act, shall be entered with the register of the proper land office, be entered with who shall, on application for that purpose, make out for such claimant of R°8‘S‘°'· a certificate of location, which, with the certificate of confirmation, °' shall be transmitted to the Commissioner of the General Land Office; and if it shall appear to the satisfaction of the said Commissioner that such certificate shall have been fairly obtained, according to the true intent and meaning of this act and the laws of the United States, then, and in that case, patents shall be granted in like manner as is provided by law for the other lands of the United States. And for each certificate of' location to be issued as aforesaid, the register shall be entitled to receive from the person applying therefor, the sum of one dollar. Approved, July 4, 1836. _‘*" Snrurs I. Cunr. CCCLXII.-—An Actgmnting hafpay ta widows or ozhans, where their July 4, 1836. husbands and fathers have died <y" wounds received in the mi 'tary service of the United States, in certain cases, cmdfor other purposes. 1842; ch: lol Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ggé ;:Q,:o(i8` States of America in Congress assembled, That when any officer, non- hslfpuy to widcommissioned officer, musician or private of the militia, including g,‘l"3l;’;6°v‘;l,::)“’ rangers, sea fencibles, and volunteers, shall have died while in the ser- bm, died, &o_ vice of the United States, since the twentieth of April, eighteen hun- intlieserviee of drecl and eighteen, or who shall have died in consequence of a wound ru received whilst in the service, since the day aforesaid, and shall have 1g1g_ P left a widow, or, if no widow, a child or children under sixteen years 1858, 6h_ u_ of age, such widow, or if no widow, such child or children, shall be entitled to receive half the monthly pay to which the deceased was