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Senate for the extra session to commence on the fourth day of March instant, five thousand dollars;

Distribution of Gales & Seaton’s State Papers.For the expenses of the distribution in boxes, and by the ordinary modes of transportation, of the compilation of the State Papers printed by Gales and Seaton, as directed by the joint resolution of the tenth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, to the several States, Territories, colleges, and athenæums of the United States, one thousand five hundred dollars;

Purchase of the American State Papers.For the purchase of nineteen copies of the American State Papers, printed by Gales and Seaton, pursuant to the resolution of the Senate, of the first day of March, instant, four thousand five hundred and eighty-eight dollars and fifty cents;

Debates of the First Congress and Register of Debates.For two hundred and forty-four copies of the Debates of the First Congress, and of the Register of Debates to the end of the present Congress, as published by Gales and Seaton, to be distributed to the members of the present House, fifteen thousand five hundred dollars;

Commissioner under the convention with Spain.For compensation to the commissioner, secretary, and clerk, and the contingent expenses of the commission under the convention with Spain, eight thousand two hundred dollars;

Medal in honor of Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan.
1836, ch. 256.
To authorize the President of the United States to procure new dies to renew the medal directed to be made in honor of Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, by the act of the second day of July one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, in case the original dies for the said medal cannot be found, one thousand dollars;

Improving the crypt of the capitol, &c.For improving the crypt of the capitol, by closing the openings on the east front with sash doors, making double doors to the outer entrances, and repairing furnaces, eleven hundred and fifty dollars;

Making Post Office, &c. of H. R. fire proof.For making the post office, document, folding, and library rooms of the House of Representatives fire proof, three thousand one hundred and fifty dollars;

Grounds of naval magazine, &c.To complete the enclosing the garden and grounds of the naval magazine and marine hospital, one hundred dollars;

Conducting water to Treasury and Post Office building.For conducting water along the Pennsylvania avenue from the pipes at the Capitol to the Treasury and General Post Office buildings, with the necessary fire-plugs to water the avenue, ten thousand dollars;

Fire-engine, &c. for War and Navy Departments.For the purchase of a fire-engine, apparatus, and engine-house for the War and Navy Departments, seven thousand two hundred and twenty-five dollars;

Fire-engine, &c. for Treasury building.For the purchase of a fire-engine and apparatus for the Treasury building, and the enlargement of the engine-house, five thousand five hundred and twenty-five dollars;

Pay to William P. Elliott.For paying William P. Elliott, for drawing of the Treasury building and Patent Office, three hundred dollars;

Constructing a dwarf wall and fence in President’s square.For constructing a dwarf wall and fence from the southwest corner of the President’s house to intersect the new fence near the north corner of the Navy Department, one thousand three hundred dollars;

Support of the penitentiary.For the support of the penitentiary for the District of Columbia, for the year eighteen hundred and thirty-seven; for pay of officers and agents; for repairs of buildings; for purchase of raw materials; for rations, clothing, beds, and bedding of prisoners; for purchase of fuel; for purchase of hospital stores and medicines; for purchase of books and stationery; for purchase of horse feed; for allowance to discharge convicts; and for other contingent expenses, the sum of twelve thousand five hundred and five dollars and thirty-nine cents, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and to be expended under the direction of the Board of Inspectors;

Burying ground at Fort Gibson.For the erection of a plain substantial fence around the burying ground at Fort Gibson in the State of Arkansas, five hundred dollars;

For surveys of the public lands in the district composed of the States