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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 6, 7, S. 1837. 205 this is an amendment shall have died in the service, and his horse, wndedm cases saddle, bridle, or equipments, shall have been turned over to an officer, where persons or other person, for the benefit of the United States, by order of the ;.“°‘”“°"°d·L¤ officer commanding, and not restored to the representative of the de- dl;;:;`?; ggviggf ceased or paid lla- by the United States. and his horse, Arenovnn, October 14, 1837. &°· Crur. VI.—.6n dei fv·r the religf of D. P. Madiscvs. 0iiAlr·hTl78§7‘. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Am 01 July 7, Smres of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the Iii}; °l‘· 264* United States be, and he is hereby, authorized and requested to cause pub;?s;i,l€,iupi? to he executed, a grant and re-conveyance to Mrs. D. P. Madison, her reign ccumrics. executors, administrators, and assigns, of the right to publish in foreign f°'f.h"‘l °""" l’°' countries, for her own benefit, the manuscript debates of the Conven- ;g,i:,}'J§b;l;;u` tion which formed the Constitution of this Government, as well as the qu rhe c<·¤siimnett avails of any such publication which may have been ordered by “°"- “"‘l,’l'° her: Provided, however, That she shall not be allowed to withdraw from Spziig, the possession of the Government either of the copies of said debates curivn ordered which accompanied her conveyance. by h°'· *0 be all Avmovsn, October 14, 1837. §Z;°lQI°,?d;;°u_ —-——- Prcviso. CHAI'. VII.-An Act making an addi/{anal appropriation for liu: suppression of S·n·rm·s I. Indian hostilities. for the your one thousand eight hundred amyhirly-seven. Oei. 16. 1837. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Sl ,l>·00,000 aP- Smtes of America in Congress asscrzzblcrl, That the further sum of one l“":l""¥‘?°l· . . . . in er direcmillion six hundred thousand dollars shall be, and the same is hereby, tion of Secrets. appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appro- ry of Wmgconpriuted, to defray any expenses which have been or may be incurred, in m‘;";,liL¥;'° “°'“ . . . . . . ch and preventing or suppressing the hostilities of any Indians: to be expended ga july, ]S3(j, under the direction of the Secretary of War, conforinably to the acts ch.·-14.,254, _ of Congress of the nineteenth of March, eighteen hundred and thirty- :°,‘gr‘;;;;‘;:°'°‘“ six, and the second of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, and of the ` acts therein referred to. Avi-novnn, October I6, 1837. S*rA·rtm‘s fl. Crue. VIII.-—.x2n Aat auf/mixing zz {ur?/liar posfncnemcnl of payment upon duly Oct. IG. 1337. mus. '_*"***· Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Rrprnscntmfivcs of the U11itcrlStntes of America in Congress asscmblul, That the Secretary The Secretary of the Treasury be, and he hereby is, authorized to grant such further °l*:***tl";**S¤*‘Y extension of credit upon all bonds for duties now outstanding as shall m,l,:,;?l;:;h lst_ make the whole extension of credit upon each bond nine months from Eher extension the time when the original bond became due and payable, making the gl °5°dgL°¤ extension in each case to depend upon the same conditions as to addi- °" °’ °’ tional security, the payment of interest, and other terms, which have been prescribed by the Treasury Department, to the extension of revenue bonds since May last: I’ronin'czI, That nothing herein contained Proviso. shall he construed to include any existing bonds where the parties to the same have not, since the bonds became payable, given additional security, or made part payment, and are, by the proper officers of the Government, considered insolvent, or unsafe securities for the payment of their bonds. Sec.?. And be it further cnaotrrl, That a credit of three and six A cr,,,;;,,,;;, months shall be allowed on the duty on all merchandise which shall nndrsmenrhsm have been or may be imported on or before the first day of November b};”él;‘”°d mh . . . e y on s next, upon which the duties are payable m cash, and that the bonds merchandise received for such duties shall be payable in equal instalments, bearing imporzuibefore S