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TWENTY-FIF TH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 10. Rss. 1. 1837. 207 Srurucrn I. CHAP. X.—»dn Act making further agqwvpriafiom for the year edghteen hundred Oc'- 16» 1837`· and Lhirtymwen. "{OQJT Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any xmappropriated money in the Treasury, viz: For pay and mileage of the members of Congress and delegates, two Pay and milehundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred dollars. **%*3 ¤l`¤¤¤mb¤f¤ For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other contingent expenses of the °ESp°;';§;;°gk Senate, thirty thousand dollars. the‘Senale. For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other contingent expenses of the EX£{*¤¤·*¤ vt House of Representatives, fifty thousand dollars, rezgziaff For the contingent expenses of the navy, as enumerated in the act of tive;. the third of March last, in addition to the amount appropriated by that EXPWSBS vf act, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. High?/{ For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign coun- chap.30.’ ° tries, ten thousand dollars. Rqiiefandpro- For defraying the expenses attending the prosecution of the claim of ;?g;;’Q9°Lf;;°°' the United States to the legacy bequeathed by the late James Smithson, U. S. claimof London, five thousand dollars. to the Smilhson For contingent expenses in the officc of the Treasurer, five hundred lE°Zh“S in dollars. the }l`rc¤surer's For preparing, printing, and binding documents ordered hy the reso- °m¤¤- lutions of the Senate of the second of July, 1836, twenty-fifth of Fe~ dg';j"Q;°;';gf" bruziry, 1837, and second of March, 1837, to be disbursed under the lmiuns of the direction of the Committee to audit and control the contingent expenses S¤¤¤¤¤» &¢· of the Senate, twenty-five thousand dollars. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, if the revenue from duties, If the revenue or from the sales of public lands remaining in the hands of the receiving ¤‘¤m¤l¤l¤éfi¤¤h¤ and collecting officers, be not sufficient at any time to pay debentures l;°g;$g°;}*Q§€E_‘;l' and other charges which are by existing laws made payable out of the be not sumcien: accruing revenue before it is transferred to the credit of the Treasurer, M my ¤im¢·> M the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to pay the said §;`g_d8b€"°“'°S* debentures and other charges out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Trea- The Secretary sury be, and he is hereby authorized, to arrange and settle any of the °f‘ll;° il`*5¤S¤YY outstanding transfer drafts given to transfer moneys to the States under :;lm?;§nd°;°et_ the act of twenty-third of June, 1836, and which have not been paid ile omsmnding by the depositories upon which they were drawn, or otherwise arranged dfaniglven *0 and settled by the United States, by receiving such drahs at par in payment of any debts due to the United States, without any allowance der ner 23d of interest {br the time the draiis have been outstanding and unpaid, or ·{"g*°k:836» chany other allowance for interest or damages of any description. I ’ °` Avrmwvmn, October 16, 1837. RESOLUTION. N0.1. .:2 Resolution directing the puslagc on letters sent by tl¤eEzpressI|Iail OGL 12, 183-_ lo be paid in advance. ———·———-· _ [Obsolete.] Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Umfed States of America in Congress assembled, That the Postmaster General Peerage enlarbe, and he is hereby, directed to cause the postage on all letters sent EN Sent;/>IY_{l:¢ by the Express Mail of the United States to be paid in advance at the bexlggjsin :é_ ° time of depositing them for transportation by said mm}. vance. Approved, October 12, 1837.