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212 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess.}}. Ch. 15,31. 1838. shall be allowed to proceed to final judgment, execution, satisfaction and settlement, as if the said two years had not expired Approved, March 2, 1838. Srnuru II. M¤1'¢h 2r 1838- Gmy. XV.-dn dc! to change the time of holding the icrma of the Circuit cow; ""”"""" of thq United Statesfor the eastern district q/' Wrginiq, _¢md the Distric: UWT; % lifted! Sigteéjg the 84E;;?'?! distract of Pzrgmw, directed by law fu bg m c ei y i Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representative: of the United Sprin mm States of America. in Congress assembled, That, hereafter, the spring vt ¤l•¤%ir¢¤i¢ term of the circuit court of the United States for the eastern district gg:;'gn°‘fgQ{, of Virginia shall commence on the eighteenth day of May, and the fall May, and the term on the eighteenth of November, in each year, instead of the §l;;;m’•;,*j_l£¤l¤ twenty-second of May and the twenty-second of November, as is now ·rovided b law. °;·°;.,.:,;·;§D;,,_ P Seo, 2. find be it further enacted, That the terms of the district Com-: to com- court of the United States for the eastern district of Virginia, which are ,*J,°¤°:n°:,“,gLl‘ new directed by law to commence on the fifteenth day of May and the N:¥,,mb€,,,,, fifteenth [day] of November, in each year, shall hereafter commence on each year. the twelfth day of May and the twelfth day of November, in each year: p,,,,,;,, Provided, nevertheless, That, whenever the day on which the terms of either of the said circuit or district court, as herein provided for, shall happen to be Sunday, then the term of said court shall commence on the followin ay. All proceed- Sec. 3. Aid be it further enacted, That all proceedings and process 3*8% &é°·»*°l>¤ depending in or issuing out of either of the said courts, which are or ,§f,,r‘Q,‘f,,,;:','i',;`;,’,_ may be made returnable to any other time appointed for holding the hereinbefcrs SHIRE than that above specified, shall be deemed legally returnable on Em,¤;lb°<:{dl°¥ the days hereinbefore prescribed, and not otherwise. And all suits and C,,,,,.,§ B other proceedings in either of the said courts which stand continued to any other time than that above specilied, shall be deemed continued to the time prescribed by this act, and no other. Arnoveo, March 2, 1838. Smvrura II. V March l0, l838. CHA!. XXXL-An Act suppkmentary tu an act entitled “An act in addition to

 the ac! for lite punishment of certain crimes against the United States, and to

repeal the acts tltcrctn mentz<med," approved twentidhqfdpril, eighteen hundred and eigletcm. 23 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Colleelors.6g.o. United States of America in Congress assembled, That the several col-

';;ls;7‘§K€ lectors, naval officers, surveyors, inspectors of customs, the marshals,

which ma; be and deputy marshals of the United States, and every other officer who prpyidedibrany may be specially empowered for the purpose by the President, of the $k':;,‘;’;{’;$; United States, shall be, and they are hereby respectively authorized and [0,,,ign pr;,,,,,,_ reqlnred to seize and detain any vessel or any arms or munitions of war &.¤. oumsrmin- which may be provided or prepared for any military expedition or Glltcr-

gf,f:’,;l°°U’°g°° prtse against the territory or dominions of any foreign Prince or State,

`or of any colony, district or people coutcrminous with the United States, and with whom they are at peace, contrary to the sixth section of the actpassed on the twentieth of April, eighteen hundred and eighteen, enttt ed "An act in addition to the act for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States, and to repeal the acts therein mentioned," and retain possession of the same until the decision of the Paesidient lggdhad thereon, or until the same shall be released as hereina er nec .