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230 T WENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.8S. 1838, named, as they are now given to the president and directors of the said corporation. And should it be the pleasure of the said stockholders signified as aforesaid, to make the said change in the direction and management of the said bank, the trustee or trustees shall be elected in the same manner as is prescribed by the charter of said corporation for And,},, ,,,,8, the election of directors. In such case as made and provided, the dem shall germ president and directors then being shall select a commissioner to convey 2y:;:';:?;!?:; to such trustee or trustees all the property, real and personal, of said mlswc 0,. mw corporation, and all its chcscs m RCUOH, IIS fights Mid interests of every tees nllthe pro- description, whether in litigation or not upon the condition, first, of P°“Y• &·°· discharging all the debts due from said cdrporationg and, after the satis. faction of this trust, upon such other trusts, conditions and limitations, not inconsistent with the general laws for the government of the District of Columbia, orwith their said charter, as herein amended,_as they may see fit to prescribe m the conveyance by which they appoint the said Proviso. trustee or trustees: Provided, however, That the charter of the said corporation, as now amepded,hshlall be vloidgble, uploré any act of the san trustee or trustees, or w ic it mig the avoi e' if it had been committed by the president and directors of said corporation: And Further provi. provided also, That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as ¤¤- to incapacitate the president and directors of said bank in being at the time of said electron, from receiving at that election the appointment of trustee or trustees, and taking to` him or them the deed of trust aforesaid, which may provide, if three trustees be selected, that any opehor ttvylo may act in the case of the death or removal from the trust 0 the o ers. A,·m,,s, July Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the said corporation 'shall 1838, no bills, not, after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, issue gw r>¤y¤}:>l¤ ty or reissue any bills, notes, or checks, payable to bearer; nor shall they iszzgasng de_° issue certificates of deposite, payable to bearer; nor shall it receive any pushes, except money or other property from any other corporation or from any person {fw ¤S¤><=l$- other than one of its stockholders, on deposite, and under an obligation

;dr°§§':{)_ to return it; nor shall the said corporation at any time after the first

lmrions enter. of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, receive or enter into any §c·¤¤¥·°» ¤¤¢¢¢P¤» new obligations or liabilities other than such deeds or assignments as may be necessary to convey away absolutely the property, real or personal, of the said banlt, or other than the renewal from time to time of exmtrpg debts due said corporation on the receipt of partial payments, an tie taking of such obligations, additional assurances, new liens, or new sureties, as may be necessary and proper for securincr the collection ofidebts due to the said bank on the first of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, and for enforcing the performance of obligations created on Py¤0viS0· or before the. day and year last aforesaid: Provided, however, That notlnng herei; contained shall prevent the said corporation from cmp oying suc officers and agents as may be necessary for transacting its aiiairs. N ti; rm . Sec. 5. And be it further enacted That nothin herein contained by gpvyigihed G shall be so construed as to destroy or in any manngr impair the force gtrfmd fm":0°f;j of the obligations, rights, and liabilities, to or from the said corporation; pai,. the Obit,,,, but, on the contrary, all suits, bills, plaints, informations, actions, whether tions.&.c.ofi°he lecral or equitable, judgments, decrees and executions by or against °‘”l’°"“‘l°"ib“* said co orat' hall dh l’ ' an sump &¤_ rp ron, s _ procee wrt out abatement, discontinuance, or Simi; promd necessity for revrvor, m due course of law, as if no change had been vryithpuétzbute- hereby made in the affairs of said corporation, and as if the charter by °“ · · original creation had extended to the first of July, eighteen hundred and forty-two;·and m all actions, legal or equitable, and in all process by or against said corporation, the namennd style thereof shall remain the Pmvigp, same: Prmnded, however, That, if a trustee or trustees should be elected, all summons, notices, and other process, legal or equitable,