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xxviu LIST OF THE PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. Pm . - · ‘'be of Indians, in R l of the Stockbridge Indians. An actfor the relief of the Stockbridge tri 0 of the territory of Wisconsin. March 3, l843.. . . . . . . . · . . . . . . . , . . 645 Pensions. An act granting a. pension to certain revolutionary soldiers. March 3, l843 ... 647 P t or Horus and Property last in the Military Service. An act further to coutmixe m aymmiordc the act for the payment of horses and other property, lost in the military service of M8 the UnitedStates. March3, 1843. . ... . ... ... ... RESOLUTIONS. N . 1. Dietribr t' n o the Ca! lo of the Library of Congress. Joint resolution for the dis- ° tribution lotdcatlglogucs o;` tiiglribrary of Congress. J nn. 26, 1843. .. . .. . . 648 No. 2. Agencies for watnnroltcd Hemp. Joint resolution to establish agencies for wateraotted hemp. Feb. 18, 1843. .. . .. 648 N . 3. Distribution of the Census Returns. A resolution for the distribution of certain copies 0 of the census returns und of the compendium of the sixth census. Feb. 24, 1843. .. 648 No. 4. Certain Papers relating to Titles lo Land in Louisiana io be returned to the land Ojfice. Joint resolution directing certain papers relating to tntles to land in Louisiana to bc returned to the Gcncrul Lund Office. March 3, 1843. .. 649 No. 5. Purchase ofProperry in Detroit for the United States. Joint resolution in relation to certain property purchased for the United States in the city of Detroit. March 3, 1843.. . 649 No. 6. An oddilianul Clerk in the Second Auditofs Ojioe. Joint resolution for continuing an additional clerk in the Second Auditor’s Officc. March 3, 1843 .. . ... 650 N0. 7. Patents for Bounty Lands. Joint resolution relating to patents for bounty lands. Murch3, 1843. . .. 650 Qtztz of the Wmzutgwightb Gtengrzzs of the Enitzh States. STATUTE I.-1844. Supplybf a Di;/Eeicncy of Appropriation for the Protection of American S'¢·amen. An uctto sup ply u deficiency in the appropriation for the fiscal year ending the thirticth ofJunc, ei h- tlegehhundred and forty.tbur, fur the relief and protection of American seamen. Jan. 52, I . . . ... . . . .. , ... . . . . .. 65 Fine imposed am General Andrew Jackson rdunded. An act to refund the fine imposed on Gcncrnl Andrew Jackson. Feb. 16, 1844. . . . . . ... . . . ... 651 Transfer: of Appropriations in the Ahml Service. An act to authorize the President of the United States to direct transfers of appropriations in the naval service under certain circumstances. Feb. 23,l844. ... ... ... ... ... . 652 District Gourls at Clarksburg and Wheeling, in the Western District of Virginia, and the Circuit Court m Arkansas. An act changing the time of holding the Courts at Clarksburg and at Wheeling, in che western district 0 Virginia, and the Circuit Court of the United States for the district cfArkzms¤s. March 4, 1844. .. ... . 652 Circuit and District Courts in Ohio. An act to repeal the act entitled “An act to amend the uct of the tenth of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, entitled ‘An act to }JI1ong;;lc2:ih<·i8t;l;1xe of holding the Circuit und District Courts in the district of 0hio.’” nrc , . .. . ... 652 Oath of Persona employed in the Branch Mints, how taken. An act to amend the act entitled “An uct to establish branches of the Mint of the United States." April 2, 1844 ... . 652 Disposition _¤f unclaimed Merchandise seized for illegal Importation. An act directing the disp¤l¤i¤0r· of certain unclaimed goods, wures or merchandise, seized for being illegally lmpcricu into the United States. April 2, 1844. ... 653 One of the Judges of the Qircuit Court of the District of Columbia required to reside in Alexan. drm. An ucv. requiring unc of the_Judges of tha Circuit Court lbr the District ofColumbm. hercafter to reside m Alexandria. April 4, 1844 . . .. 654 Repeal of part of the Act requiring the Second Regiment of Dragoon; lo be converted into Raylemm. An act to repeal so much of the act approved the t.wenty.third ofAugust, one