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256 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 161,162 1g3S_ privilege of a drawback of duty, shall be applicable to goods entered and stored under the provisrons of tlns act, except as is herein other. wise provided. Approved, July 5, 1838. Swuurr H. _ C . CLXI.—-An .0cl to authorize the issuing of patmts to the lm L

 If;:;;.£`gree of rem-vaiimns umkr the treaty between the United Siam 27:2]%;

Orca tribe of gndzlmhwhich was concluded an the twentyfourth of March, eighteen bu/ndre a tirty-two. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the The President United Smeg n America in Con ·ress assembled, That the President . 8 . {2 S’*f“::3)“5’:*“ of the United States be, and he IS hereby, authorxzed and required to l,,;;,,,,,,;,,?,,,,, cause patents to be issued such person or persons as maybe the bona 8:.;:. oflndngx fide purchaser, owner, 3.SS1€1l1C8, or tranrgezgfoffany sefcttron or reser- “° °°‘°“’*· °· vetion which has been ma e to or in e 0 , any c ie or head of an Indian family, under a treaty honcluded between the United States end alle] Cre{ekMtrible oi: Iindxausix atdE·?V(:;shu:1gtt<;ln cnty, on Ithe twenty. ourt ay o arc exg teen un e an 1rty-two w atever may pmvgm be the number of intermediate transfers or assignments: Provided, The person or persons applying for such patent or patents shall adcluce satisfactory proof to the Commissioner of the General Land Office of the fairness of said several preceding transfers or assignments. Armovzn, July 5, 1838. Snwvrz II. -—— July 5, 1838. Gun. CLXII.—An Act to increase the present military establishment of the Act of MW 23, United States, and for other purposes. (a) 1836=°h‘8°‘ Be it enacted b the Senate and House 0 Rc rescntatives o the 3/ _ _ P gm ggmpguy {Suited States of America 2n Qcngress assent Zed, That there shall be to be ¤dd¤d¤> a ded to each of the four regiments of artillery, one company, to be

 organized in the same manner as authorized by ex1sting laws, wrth the

E,-y, 5;.,, exceptions hereaher mentioned; that there be added to every company of artillery sixteen privates, and to every company of infantry one ser- ();g,m5zmm_ geant and thirty-eight privates, and that the number of second lieutenants of a company of artillery be reduced to one, and that this reduction be so made in connection with the appointrnent of officers to the four additional companies authouzed as aforesaid, and the transfer to the Ordnance Department hereafter directed, that all the present second lieutenants shall he retained in service; and there shall be raised and — organized under the direction of the President of the United States, _A regiment of one regiment of infantry, to be composed of the same number and rank

;‘gY*°b° of officcrs, non-commissioned oilioerls, musicians, and prirates, composing the regiments of infantry now m the service of the United States,

who shall receive the same pay and allowances, and be subject to the same rules and regulations which now apply to other regiments of infantry as provided for in this act. The pmgdem Sud. 2. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United ¤th'd`·Sttb dh'hb th`d dd b fi ¤¥`··$’€’?·?¤ €?¥$‘¤ wiliivéli mi ‘3tGiZ%?2dlZL1z$0 £1’G?6as§‘1l€Z§,$l2"’03cif£§£L?S€ of engineers. .y . P. . . .’ colonel, two mofors, six captains, sax first and SIX second heutenants ; and Pay and m0_ that thaelpay :1; telmolfuiments fofhthe seid eorpsi shall be the same as

,,m,,m,_ ose owe 0 e 0 cers 0 e regimen o regoons.

(a) An act supplementary to un act entitled, An act to increase the present military establishnient-of the` United Statesksnd for other purposes; Julyd‘/, 1888. chap. *194. m d A I nactr amen anactre u t' themoum ts b t , ass16, 1818; Much 3, 1% 39, chap- 85* g u mg e pay an en o reve officexs p e pn An act regulating the organization of the army, and for other purposes; August 23, 1849, chap. 186. An not to repeal so rnuch of the act approved the twenty-third of August, one thousand eight hundred md for%two, as requires the pwond regiment of dragoons to be oouverted into rillemen, aller the fourth day of arch, one thousand cxght hundred aud forty-three; Apr1l4, 1844, chap. 11.