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LIST OF THE PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. xxxv N0. 9. Putnam’s Ploug/ring and Dredging Machine. A resolution directing an examination of ha Putnam’s ploughing and dredging machine. March 3, 1845 .. .. . . . .. 798 N0. l0. Edition ty" the Laws of the United States. A resolution to authorize the Attorney Gene. ral to contract for copies of a. proposed edition of the laws and treaties of the United States. March3, 1845 ... . . .. ... . .. I. .. 798 No. 11. Shawnee Indians. A joint resolution authorizing the Seontary of War to pay any balance that may be due the Shawnee Indians who served in the Florida war. March 3, 1845 . .. . . 800 No. 13. Reduction of Postage, ic. Joint resolution to Ex the time when the act to reduce the rates of postage, to limit I. e use and correct the abuse of the Banking privilege, and'for the prevention of frauds on the revenues of the PosLOliice Department, passed at this session, shall go into effect. March 3, 1845. .. . . . . . . . 800 No. 14. Defaults by States in the Payment of Interest or Principal of Investments on Bonds, held by the United States. A joint resolution directing the Secretary of the Treasury, whenever any State shall have been or may be in default for the payment of interest or principal on investments in its stocks or bonds held by the United States in trust, to retain certain moneys to which such State is entitled for the purposes therein named. March 3, 1845 ... .. . ... .. 801 N0. I5. Additional Inspectors at the Port of New Orleans. A resolution authorizing the employment of additional Inspectors of the Customs at the port of New Orleans. March 3, 1845 .. . .. . . . .. . 801 APPENDIX NO. 1. Proclamation issued by the President of the United States under the act of June 1836, Chap. 86. 802 APPENDIX- NO. 2. An act tiirther to amend the act incorporating the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company, passed February twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and twenty.nine.. . . . . . . . . . . . 802