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2 TWENTY-FOURTII CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 7, 38. 1836. in the town of Georgetown; the Bank of the Metropolis, the Patriotic Bank of Washington, and the Bank of Washington, in- the city of Washington, be, and the same are hereby renewed, continued in fhll force, and limited to the first Saturday, and first day of October, 111 the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty-si;. Approved, February 9, 1836. Snrurs I. """"" _ l f M M of b Cmp. VH.-An Jlct making agprzpriutioris, m par , or e supp _ oven;. ...;F°l(;b1l2 1836 ment, for the year one thousand czght hundred and thirty-suv. [ so M'] Be it enacted by the Senate and House if Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any uuapprepriated money in the Treasury, viz: Members of For pay and mileage of the members of Congress and Delegates, five C°“g'°”- hundred and fifty-six thousand four htiinldreg and Cl¤rk¤ O? ¤h¤ F r a of the officers and clerks 0 the enate an cause o epre- S°““‘° &‘H°“s° sentgtiyesy thirty-three thousand seven hundred dollars. °l R*’¤"°S°""" ’- · · 4 an th · ut t 1 mia co tm sm mes, For stationery, fuel, printing, an 0 er moi en a u g Stationery, &.c. expenses of the Senate, fifty-three thousand seven hundred dollars. For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other incidental and contingent expenses of the House of Representatives, two hundred thousand dollars. The said two sums last mentioned, to be applied to the payment of the ordinary expenditurles of the Senate and House of Representatives severally, and to no other purpose. Armovuo, February 11, 1836. Srxrun I. **·"" Feb. 17, 1836. Crux-. XXXVIII.-An ./Yet to imorgoraie ajire insurance company, in the town if "'-‘""`t Alcxandria, in t District of C0lumb£a.(a) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives tfthe United States of America in Congress assembled, That the persons who were (a) Decisions ob the Courts of the United States on Insurance against Fire : _ Among the conditions which were printed on the same sheet with a policy of insurance aggtmst fire, was one requiring " that all persons insured, and sustaining loss or damage by fire, should lbrt with give notice thereof to the company, and as soon after as possible deliver in Earticular account of such_ oss or datnaie, signed with their own hands, and verified with their oath cr rmation, and also, if required, by their oolgs of account and other proper vouchers." Held, that the particular account required by the abgvc condfiften is a partgzulftr account éaf theaargcles last or tgamaged, indgoels rticgtlrrefer to the manner an causeoleoss. an . e me s. .,1 e, . . . . In stating a loss, it is sulhcileiit to shoiiz it to havenbeencoccasilulxildld ln; a peril within the policy, without negativin the exception of losses from design, invasion, public enemies, riots, Goo.; which are properly matters 5 defence. Ibid. The words in a policy against fire,described the house as " at resent occupied as a dwelling·house, but {10 be oclcupfsdgiereaftea as a tavern, and pnvilegled as such." gfeld, that this is not ewarranty that the ousesou ri te t' t,be tatl `d ;btth itis,at m..;, . mer..“m‘,}€m..§§’.§‘.".2‘.?‘2‘i.'zL°tr‘I..€..I’?.. m..,??`}? Jslcifilii i?5.,2£2i'3tit¤2g. $.2.m by the underwriters that it might be so occupied. Ibid. Where underwriters agree to make good any loss or damage " by fire originating in any cause, except gesggngn the Qnsuiged, invasion," 61;:., lreldptihat the eniceptionhof losses by designdadmits all losses not y estgn;tat,t ereoreweretcpaintt negienty tt epe lse` d l`t, d'tudrs cgrnlenargielnzrntythenwgigvithout any cooperation otgknowleedge ori the Bthe cdlaaiduthnit isle Idea The material ihquiry is, does the offer for insurance state truly the interest of the assured in the pjperty to be insured! The oder describes the property as belonging to Lawrence &. Poindexter, and

sga;e1;;;2lt3war¤ds tobe their stone mill} lt éaonjtairis no vciulalifying ferlms, whicih should lead the mind

_ a eiriewasno compeean asc te.ft t sb` f- €?l;`lC1€S, and was held ymder contgacts which had blhcome vgirf lfyothe°r:;;\::rfol·:;s¤¤:eJzl`tth:;cg;lrh!;, _ e suprerne court is o opinion t at a precarious title depending for its coutinu n ts h` lt might or tmght not happen, is not such a title as is desdribed in this oder for insuillanccgz lmcrhisliuing lhs

 1.2,14; lat oller as they are fairly to be understood. The Columbian Ins. Co. o. Lawrence,

_The contract for insurance against tire is one in which the underwriter generally acts on the representanon of the assiilred; and that representation ought consequently to be fair, and to omit nothing which it s ma ena to the underwriter to know. It may not be necessary that the persorr requiring insurance should state every mcumbrance on his property, which it might be required of htm to state if it was ztrsszassmazsatizgzta12r;?:**2;:*’*":*··“£"¤;t.:i°x:****°¤gw“¤hm*g*·**¤° ¤¤¤°¤ "·¤···**··* i g e con rue . . .