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358 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess.III. Ch. 93. 1839. hundred and seventy-four dollars, be, and the same are hereby. appropriated out of any moneylm the Treasury not otherwise appropriated to defray the expenses which have been, or may be, incurred, in pre; venting or suppressing the hostilities of any Indians, in the year eighteen H°W *° b° °x‘ hundred and thirty-nine; to be expended under the direction of the p°“d°d‘ Secretary of War, conformably to the acts of Congress of the nine.

3;;* teenth of March and the second of July, eighteen hundred and thirty.

' ’six and of the acts therein referred to: Forage. hor forage for the horses of the second dragoons, mounted volunteers and militia officers entitled to forage in kind, and for horses, mules, and oxen, in the service of trains, three hundred and ninety-two thousand eight hundred and thirty-one dollars; · Fm, ht Gm For freight or transportation of military supplies of every description g ’from the places of purchase to Florida, two hundred and fifty-four thousand six hundred and twenty-eight dollars; _ V Purchase or For the purchase of wagons, harness, boats and lighters, horses to W¤8°¤¤. GM- keep up the trains, tools, leather and other materials for repairs, ninety- two thousand dollars; _Tm,.p°m. For the transportation of supplies from the principal depots to the iwn- several posts, as well as troops, when they move by water, including hire of steamboats and other vessels for the service in the rivers and on the coasts, and the expenses of maintaining and sailing the several steamers and transport schooners connected with the operations of the army, three hundred thousand dollars- Him of mgcha. For the hire of mechanics, laborers, mule-drivers, teamsters, and mcs, Src. other assistants, including their subsistence, and for soldiers on extra I duty, couformably to law, one hundred thousand dollars; 'P‘¤¥}!€l§¤¤‘¢¤¤¤¤¤ For the transportation of the militia or volunteers while marching to fun?;;:,?? °' "' and from the scene of operations, thirty thousand dollars; Migggllgnggug, for miscellaneous expenses of all kinds, not embraced under the foregoing; hieafds, a}pd fromdtléeiri contingent character, cannot be speci e our un re thousand dollars- Accouge- For abcoutrements and arms for irifantry and cavalry, including m°m°' °‘ militia infantry and cavalry, ammunition for men and field artillery, and repairs of arms, and for contingencies, seventy-one thousand dollars; Pay ofmilitia For the pay of such militia and volunteers as may have been or may °·“d "°l“"‘°°’“· be called into the service of the United States, in addition to the unexpended balance of the appropriation for the payment of four thousand volunteers, for the year eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, one hundred and fourteen thousand three hundred and fifteen dollars · '1‘rautyyvith_ For the purpose of holding a treaty with the Seminole Indians, five dm S°mm°l°'· thousand dollars; Vesaetare For the purchase and maintainin in active service three vessels of

  • °°?¥g{¤£ig*n° light draught of water, to cruise along the coast of Florida, for the

‘ protection of the lives and property of the citizens, fifty thousand dollars; paytng vglug For paying the value of the horses and equipage of the Tennessee gflhprssg gpd and other volunteers who have at any time been in the service of the .19°,:£:€s¤° and United States in the Territory of Florida, and which were turned over other- ,,0;,,,,;-,,, to the Government, by the order of the commanding general or other bgvmrpsg commanding officer, said value to be ascertained by the appraisement Au ms since gflsiaid vnme évhlen the volunteeps entered the service, fifty-two thousand img, author-gz. dollars. n the provisions o acts approved and in force at various ipgmrzgypspizggr periods since enghteenhundred and twelve, authorizing payment for and Ggmdcd horses lost in the service of the United States by rangers, militia, and for [wg y,m_ volunteers, are hereby revived and extended for two years from and after tpeuppgsalge ot;1 this aca, and under the action of the Third Auditor, s a eeme to em race all cases not already satisfied, of horses lost to their owners in service as aforesaid, in battle or otherwise, when care