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380 TWENTY·SIXTI-1 CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 23, 25. 1840. dred and thirty-six, live millions one hundred and twenty-six thousand 1g3G' ch` 2m' dollars, viz: frraasporza- For transportation of the mail, three millions five hundred and twenty “°“· thousand dollars; _ pompenmion 130; tipmpensation of-Postmasters, one million and mnety-seven thou- 0 postmasters. Sim 0 a1‘S' (sl"? l°“°*S· For ship, bteamboat, and way letters, forty-three thousand dollars; Vifmpping pw For wrapping-paper, twenty-tive thousand dollars; per. _ For office furniture, five thousand dollars; t£0m°° f“"“‘ For advertising, tlurty-six thousand dollars ; Ad’,m,S;,,g_ For mail-bags,_forty-six thousand dollars; Mail bags. For blanks, thirty-three thousand dollars; gglféks For mail locks, keys, and stamps, twelve thousand dollars; &,,_. ’ For mail depredations, and special agents, twenty-two thousand dol- _Ma1l depreda- lars; "g'{;_,g*°· For clerks for offices, two hundred and twenty thousand dollars; MiSc,,;f,,,,muS_ For miscellaneous, sixty-seven thousand dollars: Provided, That the Power of Pre- President and the Postmaster General shall have the same power to g‘:1“2:Q?a;lg; transfer funds from one to another head of appropriation, between the {,,,,,1,;,0,,, Om, foregoing appropriations, made for the service of the General Post Of- appropriation to lice, as the President and any other head of an Executive Department ““°*h°'· now have to transfer funds appropriated under one head to the service of another, in any other branch of the public service. APPROVED, May 8, 1840. Srnvn: I. '""'_' May 8, 1840. Cum. XXI.§I.—An Jlct for altering the time of holding the Cburt of the ——-·—-·· United tutes for the Western District of Pennsylvania, at i liumsport. Be it enacted by the Senate and Houseqf Representatives ry the United Te,-m of U_ g_ States of America in Congress assembled, That the term of the District Dist. Court for Court of the United States for the Western District of Pennsylvania,

fé,°f which is now directed by law to be holden at Williamsport,·in the

,,,r,,,,,, _ county of Lycoming on the first Mondays of June and October in each 1€pzt<>fhJxgy27, year, shall be hereafter holden on the third Mondays of June and Octo- ·° · · ber in each year. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the first session of the District Court to be held at Williamsport after the passage of this act shall be on the third Monday of June one thousand eight hundred and forty. Process. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all process which may have issued, or which may hereafter issue at Williamsport returnable to June term, as heretofore established, shall be held returnable, and be returned, to the terms as changed by this act. Approved, May 8, 1840. Sruura I. ····——· May 27, 1840. CHAP. XXV. —-dn det to revive an act authorizing certain soldiers in the late war ————-——- tp sxggoddirogzgbgggsizd drawn by them and to locate others in lieu there-


A Hf22d Be it enacted by the Senate and'House of Representatives the ,. VIVO all ·. l 'L I · ·· - §§‘$l.;“"·d°“·d xii? £2“§Z?1 TGil'Q'T2'f.Z"a.°§‘I.'?IIS1§rffll’.$1’3l;arrif§`23 El`..i.3‘§“,£l TIE? Ezgllnéxg f¤¤ titled "An act authorizing certain soldiers in the late war to surrchdcr Acid Jé,,_27_ the bounty lands drawn by them, and to locate others in lieu thereof]" 1835, eh. 6. be, and the same is hereby, revived and continued in force for the term of five years; and the provisions of the above recited act shall be, and arel bitchy, extended to those having like claims in the States of Illinois an issourr. Approved, May 27, 1840.