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418 TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 33. 1841. Carrying into For carrying into effect the stipulations of certain Indian treaties,

g°:§; and the laws connected therewith, viz:

giii-isiiaii iii. For the Christian Indians, four hundred dollars; dians. For the Chippewas of the Mississippi, thirty-five thousand dollars; Ch‘PP°"'°" For the Chippewas of Saganaw, five thousand eight hundred dollars; . ` Chippewas, For the Chippewas, Menomonies, Winnebagoes, and New York Ing:“°m°“'°“· dians, one thousand five hundred dollars; _ _ Cfiippewns, For the Chippewas, Ottawas, and Pottawatamies, thirty-four thousand Ottowas, &.c. two hundred and ninety dollars; · Choctaws, For the Chootaws, forty-nine thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars · Creek . For the Creeks, sixty-three thousand nine hundred and forty dollars; Chickasaws. For the Chickasaws, six thousand dollars; Cherokees. For the Cherokees, seven thousand six hundred and forty dollars; Delawares. For the Delawares, ten thousand three hundred and forty-four dollars; F1oridaInd’ns. For the Florida Indians, nine thousand six hundred and ten dollars; Iowns. For the Iowas, seven thousand eight hundred and seventy-five dollars; Kickapoqs. For the Kiekapoos, five thousand five hundred dollars; a§f¥‘;;£;s For the Kaskaskias and Peorias, three thousand dollars; Kan",For the Kanzas, six thousand and forty dollars; Miamics. For the Miamies, fifty-two thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight dollars; Eel Rivers. For the Eel Rivers, one thousand one hundred dollars; Menomonies. For the Menomonies, thirty-one thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars; Omahus. For the Omahas, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars; Ottowas and For the Ottawas and Chippewas, sixty-two thousand three hundred cl“l’P°"”· and sixty-five dollars; Otmes and For the Ottoes and Missourias, five thousand six hundred and forty Missourias. dollars; Osages. For the Osages, thirty-four thousand four hundred and six dollars; Ottowas. For the Ottawas, four thousand three hundred dollars; Pottawm- For the Pottawatamies, twenty thousand two hundred dollars; mies. For the Pottawatamies of Huron, four hundred dollars; For the Pottawatamies of the Prairie, sixteen thousand dollars; For the Pottawutamies of the Wabash, twenty thousand dollars; For the Pottawatamies of Indiana, seventeen thousand dollars; Piankeshaws. For the Piankeshaws, eight hundred dollars; Pawnees. For the Pawnees, nine thousand six hundred dollars; Quapaws. For the Quapaws, four thousand six hundred and sixty dollars; Six Nations. I For the Six Nations of New York, four `thousand five hundred dollars; Seuecas. For the Senecas of New York, six thousand dollars; Sioux. d {or the Sioux of the Mississippi, forty thousand five hundred and ten o ars; For the Yancton and Santie Sioux, one thousand three hundred and forty dollars; Sass and Fox- For the Saes and Foxes of the Missouri, seven thousand eight hun- "’“· dred and seventy dollars; For the Sacs and Foxes of the Mississippi, forty-eight thousand live hundred and forty dollars; §;‘:;"c‘;°;d For the Shawnees, seven thousand one hundred and eighty dollars;' Si,,,wm,,s_ For the Senecas and Shawnees, two thousand and sixty dollars; Senecas. For the Senecas, two thousand six l1undred and sixty dollars; w;’:;d°"· For the Wyandots, six thousand eight hundred and forty dollars; w,.,,,,,;,,,,, For the Weas, three thousand dollars; Munsees, Am. For the Wyandots, Munsees, and Delawares, one thousand dollars;