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486 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 29. 1842. Expenses of For expenses incident to the issue of Treasury notes heretofore au. $$5****]% 'l`F6¤S¤· thorized, two thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of this appro. ly "°l°S' priation be applied, and no compensation shall be made to any whose salary is established by law, for preparing, signing, or issuing said Treasury notes. _ Light-house Light-house Establishment.—No. 181. For supplying light-houses, °‘£;‘b,hsk]m°"‘· containing two thousand six hundred and fifty-two lamps, with oil, tubeg°°S°°' glasses, wicks, bufliskins, whiting and cotton cloth, transportation and keeping the apparatus in order, one hundred and sixteen thousand seven hundred and thirty-five dollars and ninety-six cents. N o. 182. For repairs, refitting, and improvements of light-houses, and buildings connected therewith, one hundred and twenty-five thousand three hundred and fifty-seven dollars and eighty-two cents. No. 183. For salaries of two hundred and thirty-six keepers of lighthouses, (seventeen of them being charged with two lights each, and one with three,) ninety-four thousand thirty-eight dollars and thirty-three cents. Floating lights, N o. 184. For salaries of thirty keepers of floating lights, fifteen thou- &,c. sand eight hundred dollars. No. 185. For’s wages, repairs, and supplies to thirty floating lights, sixty-seven thousand one hundred and seventy-six dollars and eighteen cents. Buoys, Src. No. 186. For weighing, mooring, cleansing, repairing, and supplying the loss of beacons, buoys, chains, and sinkers, twenty-five thousand four hundred and ninety-nine dollars and twelve cents. No. 187. For expenses of examining annually the condition of the light-houses, four thousand dollars; and for superintendents commissions, at two and a half per cent., eleven thousand two hundred and fifteen dollars. Light-house at N 0. 188. For completing the dike (from Goat Island, Newport, Rhode Gm m*‘“d· Tlsland) and removing the light to the new light—house, thirteen thousand ollars. cgxggn m“*l" Intcrcourse with Foreign 1\r'ations.—No. 189. For salaries of the M,,,,Q,m_ ministers of the United States to Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil, seventy-two thousand dollars. Secretaries of No. 190. For salaries of secretaries of legation to the same places, L°€““°“· sixteen thousand dollars. Clingés des No. 191. For salaries of the chargés des afiaires to Portugal, Den- °m“l'“· mark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Chili, Peru, Venezuela, New Grenada, Texas, Naples, and Sardinia, fifty-four thousand dollars. Outfits. No. 192. For outfits of charges des affaires to Sweden, Belgium, New Grenada, and Holland, eighteen thousand dollars. Minister to No. 193. For salary of the minister resident to Turkey, six thousand '1`¤·*=¤v- dollars. Drogomzm. No. 194. For salary of a drogoman to the legation to Turkey, two thousand five hundred dollars. Expenses of N o. 195. For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, thirty thougzlsgg *¤*€*· sand dollars: Provided, That such portion of the appropriations for ' foreign missions as shall remain unexpended by reason of reduction or discontinuance of missions, (if any should be made,) may be applied to the payment of such allowances as shall become necessary in consequence of such reduction or discontinuance. EXPGUSBS of For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, thirty thousand missions, dollars.

M No. 196. For salary of the consul at London, two thousand dollar§

Relief, &e. of No. 197. For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign AE"; :g¤f¤;¤2é_ countries, thirty-five thousand dollars. U cons':,,;:,, No. 198. For clerk hire, office rent, and other expenses of the office London. of[the]consul at London, two thousand eight hundred dollars.