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TWEN'1`Y-SEVENTII CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 128, 129. 1942. 505 State of Georgia, or by her proper authorities, during the time and for the purposes mentioned in the preceding section, if said volunteers and militia had been duly called into the service of the United States, and regularly received and mustered by officers of the United States army, according to the laws and regulations which have governed in the pay- ment of the volunteers and militia of other States: Provided, That. the Proviso. accounts of the agent or other ofiieer of the Stateof Georgia, employed or authorized to make payments for the aforesaid services, or any of them, be submitted to the Paymaster General and the accounting officers, for their inspection: And provided, also, That no reimbursement shall Proviso. be made on account of the payment of any volunteers or militia who refused to be received and mustered into the service of the United States, or to serve under officers of the United States army, if any may have been ordered to that service by the President of the United States or other proper authority. A1’PROVED, August 11, 1842. __"" Srnurm II. CHAP. CXXVIII. — ./2n dot to setiie the title to certain tracts of land in the State Aug U 1842 qf dr/uuwas. ——-·-—-!—-—- Be il enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That each and every Owners ofcerowner of a Spanish or French land claim, in the State of Arkansas, *°l¤SP¤¤l¤h¤¤d which was submitted for adjudication to the superior court of the late Territory of Arkansas, and by that court confirmed, being subsequent ized to emcrche purchasers for a valuable consideration, is hereby authorized, within Samtwelve months from the passage of this act, to enter, respectively, the land covered by the said claim, at the minimum price, under such regulations as the Commissioner of the General Land Office shall prescribe: I’7‘O‘l2ld€d, That no such entry shall be made, except of lands mentioned Pmvkm and described in the original claim, or of such tracts as have been located in pursuance of the act of the twenty-sixth of May, eighteen hundred and twenty-four, entitled "An act enabling the claimants to lands within 1824, eh. 173, the limits of the State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas to institute proceedings to try the validity of their claims," or any act reviving the same; nor unless the owner of the claim shall make and subscribe an oath, before the register or receiver of the land office of the district in which the lands lie, which oath such register or receiver is hereby authorized to administer, that at the time he became the owner of the claim he had no notice or knowledge that the claim was fraudulent, or that the same rested upon any forged warrant, grant, order ofsurvey,01· other evidence of title. And, for every entry made under the provisions Pmms to of this act, a patent shall issue, as though no Spanish or French claim issue. had ever been entered upon said land. Ar-mrovma, August 11, 1842. —— Snrrrrz II. CHAP. CXXIX.-An Act regulating the services of the several judges in the Ter- Aug. ll, 1842, ritory of Iowa. (a) ··—·""""‘ Be it cnacicd by the Senate and I·House ry" Rqlresentatives of the United States of America in Congress assmsblcd, That until otherwise Assignment of ordered by luw of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Iowa, gT;;l§;‘:§“‘° the judges for said Territory lately appointed shall be, and they are ' hereby, assigned to the same districts to which the same judges respectively, were heretofore assigned by the laws of the said Legislative ussembly of the Territory of Iowa. Arwnovsu, August 11, 1842. (rz) Notes of the acts relating to Iowa.; act of June 12, 1838, chap. 96. ver. v.-64 2 S