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92 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 59. 1836. to an unexpended balance of appropriation of eighteen hundred and seventy dollars and ninety-tive cents, three thousand five hundred and fifty-three dollars and forty cents. G¤V¤1’¤¤¤’· For compensation to the Governor, Judges, and Secretary of the &’°‘.I?f {gk"` Arkansas Territory, nine thousand dollars. _ w em ry` For contingent expenses of the Arkansas Territory, three hundred d tilt dollars. mFor isompensation and mileage of the members of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Arkansas, including fuel, stationery, prim. ing and distribution of the laws and journals, ten thousand dollars. Govemor, For compensation to the Governor, Judges, and Secretary of the Flo- 6***- .°f Fl°*ld°· rida Territory, eleven thousand seven hundred dollars. T°“‘°°"° For the contingent expenses of the Florida Territory, three hundred and lift dollars. For hompensation and mileage of the members of the Legislative Council of Florida, pay of officers and servants of the Council, fuel, stationery, printing, and incidental expenses, nine thousand four hundred and six dollars. For arrearages of the expenses of the Legislative Council of Florida, nine hundred and eight dollars, and sixty cents. _ For allowances to the Assistant Counsel, and District Attorney, under the acts for the settlement of private land claims in Florida, four thousand dollars. Judiciary. For compensation to the Chief Justice, the Associate Judges, and Diptrict Judges of the United States, eighty-one thousand four hundred do lars. For the expenses of printing the records of the Supreme Court of the United States, for the term of eighteen hundred and thirty-six, three thousand dollars. For the salaries of the Chief Justice and Associate Judges of the District of Columbia, and of the Judges of the Orphans' courts of the said District, nine thousand five hundred dollars. £°m°Y G°· For compensation to the Attorney General of the United States, four N thousand dollars. _ Fqorhcompepzatgpn to the clerk in the office of the Attorney General, cig t un re dollars. For a messenger in said office, five hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of said office, five hundred dollars. R¤P<5l°¤' S¤· For compensation to the reporter of the decisions of the Supreme “°m° °m' Court, one thousand dollars. Disfrickid- For compensation to the District Attorneys and Marshals, as granted °'“°"* ‘ py lgwédipicapding those in the several Territories, twelve thousand nine un r dollars. For defraying the expenses of the supreme; circuit, and district courts of the United States, including the District of Columbia; also, for jurors and witnesses, in aid of the funds arising from lines, penalties, and forfeitures, incurred in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-six, and preceding years; und, likewise, for defraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe keeping of prisoners, _ three hundred and forty-five thousand dollars. P¤¤¤¤>¤¤· For the payment of sundry pensions, granted by special acts of Congress, one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. Light-houses, For the support and maintenance of light-houses, floating lights, ML beacons, buoys, and stakeages, including thepurchase of lamps, oil, keepers’ salaries, repairs and improvements and contingent expenses, Bzgggfgglfd apd sevgnty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-six sev n cen . For a light-house on a proper site, at or near Michigan city, Indiana,