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578 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.280, 281,282. 1342. Sururs II. Aug 31 184% Can. CCLXXX.-dn Act concerning the payment xy" Florida militia. Be it enacted b the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 3/ . . Appropriations States of Ameriea in Congress assembled, That the appropriations for fof ¤¤b$i¤¥¢¤¤¤ subsistence made in the act entitled "An act for the payment of Florida ¥gf;tgEfl,$‘2"g' militia called into service in the years eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, eppliitsble to, and eighteen hundred and forty," and approved August twenty-third, ¤¤}b$i¤¤?¤¢¤ *`¤¥· eighteen hundred and forty-two, shall be applicable to the settlement of 353;;; 1839 any claims for subsistence furnished to the Florida militia in eighteen ` hundred and thirty-nine, and eighteen hundred and forty, not heretofore Proviso. settled: Provided, That no supplies be paid for othepphan those author- P ‘ , ized by law or reoulation: And provided further, at the appropriamvm tion specified in said act shall not be excebded. Approved, August 31, 1842. Srarurs II. Aug. 31, 1842. C nn. CCLXXXI.-An Act to extend the colketion district of PViscassd. Newcastle and Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the r];°l$’l;g'°0':: United States of America in Congress assembled, That the towns of 0;xd€Hm§,_ Newcastle and N obleboro, lying on the Damariscotta river, in the State Repfesyie nys of Maine, be annexed to the collection district of Wiscassct, asports Ml ° *“’° » of delivery only. 1843’ ch' w' Approved, August 31, 1842. Scrururs II. Avg_ 31,184% CHAP. CCLXXXII.-An det to suppress the vmng of lottery tickets in the Dis- ——-——- triot of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House if Representatives oftbe United _Sgle er104m-y States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the first y)<;k¤!¤ lng}? day of January, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, it shall not lugglgfgfterqét be lawful, to keep within the District of Columbia. any onice or place J anus? 1843, of business for the sale of lottery tickets, or of any share or interest in ¤¤l¤W ul- lottery tickets, nor shall it be lawful to sell or offer for sale within the said District, any lottery ticket or any share or interest in any lottery Penalty for ticket ; and every person who shall be duly convicted of offending against °H*“d’“g· the provisions of this act shall be punished by imprisonmentjn the common jail of the county in which the offence shall have been committed for a period not less than one, nor more than six calendar months, and shall forfeit and pay a fine of not less than one hundred nor exceeding one thousand dollars, one half of which shall go to the informer, and the other half to the municipal corporation within whose corporate limits the offence shall have been committed; but if committed without the limits of alpymunrcipal corporation, then such moiety of the fine shall go to the mted States. {Spies ¤f lgtery Sec. 3. And be it furtherenacted, That the contract of sale for such ,;°“)f£,‘g°;c;_ lottery ticket or tickets, or share or interest in such lottery ticket or vc, me moms tickets, shall be absolutely void, and the person or persons paying there- _ for shall have a right to recover back the money paid therefor as money _‘—%¢r¤unl¤t¢ery paid on a void consideration: Provided, That nothing herein contained }:‘§;';°;“§§£"’ shall be conirued $0 {restrain the selling of lottery tickets, so far as the same IS authorize y any existin contract made b the Common Council of the city of Alexandria, uiider an ordinance df the Common Coupcili of she said city, passeid on the fifth day of December, eighteen nun re an twenty-seven an a roved b the resident of the U 't d States, if such contract is made, ziiild so farlas the same is made, innddiiformity with the provisions of its charter, nor so far as the selling of the same is authorized by any subsisting license of any of the cities of the said District, for the period of one year from the passage of this act: And provided, further, That it shall not be lawful, under color of any