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639 TWEN'1‘Y—SEVEN'1‘H CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 99, 100. 1843. Srarurs III. Cnr. XCIX. —An Act to authorize the election or appointment of qjicers in the March 2, 1642. Tmimy of Hqmmm [Obs°'°t°·] Be iz enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United L,,gis;,,,;,,,, States of America in Congress assembled, That the Legislative Assem· Assembly au- bly of the Territory of Wisconsin shall be, and are herebynauthorrzed

P"' to provide, by law, for the election or appointment of sherifls, judges

cl,,c,i,,,, 0, ,,p_ of probate, justices of the peace, and county surveyors, within the said poim_mem of Territory, in such way or manner, and at such times and places as to °°"°m °Hi°°‘°· them may seem proper; and after a law shall have been passed by the Legislative Assembly for that purpose, all elections or appointments of the above-named officers, thereafter to be had or made, will be in pursuance of such law. {Term of ser- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the members of both houses

l°5;fi'l‘f‘?s‘f;f’ of the said Legislative Assembly of the Territory lof Wisconsin, shall,

me A,s0§,b;y_ upon the expiration of the terms of service for which the present members have been elected, be hereafter elected to serve for the same terms of service as that for which the members of the Legislative Assembly in Iowa are now elected. Approved, March 3, 1843. Smcurs III. March 3, 1343, Cmp. C.-dn Act making apyrroprialiom for fha civil and diplomatic aqpemas "_··—"""_ if Government for the fsca year ending the lhirlict/z day of June, czghteen undred and furlyfour. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the _Appropria- United States of America in Cbngress assembled, That the folldwing ¤°¤¤- sums be, and hereby are, appropriated to the objects hereinafter cxpressed, for the fiscal year ending on the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, to be paid out of any unappropriated money in the treasury, namely: Congress. For compensation and mileage of Senators and members of the House of Representatives and delegates from the Territories, six hundred and thirty-eight thousand three hundred and twenty dollars; Omcm of me For compensation of the officcrs and clerks of the Senate and House Syzmue and H. of Representatives, thirty-nine thousand five hundred and fifty-seven ° °P*· dollars and fifty cents; Contingent For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other incidental and contingent °"P°“S“· expenses of the Senate, sixty thousand dollars; For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other incidental and contingent expenses of the House of Representatives, one hundred and seventy· five thousand dollars : Provided, That nothing in any resolution of either House of Congress shall prevent the settlement and payment of the bills Vol. 3, p. 538. for the printing of the two Houses of Congress, agreeably to the prices established by the joint resolution of March 3d, 1819; Librnry of For compensation of the principal and two assistant librarians, and °°"g'°SS· {nessenger of the library of Congress, four thousand five hundred d0l· ars; eS‘:_':;:§°¤* For contingent expenses of said library, eight hundred dollars; Prfltchnée of For purchase of books for said library, five thousand dollars; books. For purchase of law books for said library, one thousand dollars; L¤ying fl¤<>r· For laying floor of principal library room with hydraulic cement, two Q 1 f mf hundred and tyventy-five dollars; and the librarian is hereby authorized n;!:;? ° '"` to scll, at public auction, any portion of the old and useless furniture of the library rooms, and pay the proceeds thereof into the treasury of Presmn, of the United States; Uémcd gt¤¤¤¤· For compensation: of the President of the United States, twenty-five mssé? W'"' thousand dollars. Secretary, sw, Department of Statc.——For compensation of the Secretary of State,