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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 71. 1845. 765 books for entering collectors’ returns of imports and exports, eight hun. dred dollars. For cases for the safe-keeping of settled accounts, two hundred dol— Cases. lars. · To make good a deficiency (anticipated) in the appropriation for the Repc,·0fAme_ relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countries, thirty ricun seamen. thousand dollars. _ To supply a deficiency in the appropriation for the compensation of omee ufCom. the Commissioner of Pensions and the clerks and messenger in his missicner of office, for the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and P°"Si°“*’· forty-five, two thousand dollars. For the payment of mudding duties, erroneously charged by the Mudding dm Danish Government, and refunded in the year eighteen hundred and tics. thirty-seven, being a balance remaining in the hands of the agent of the Department of State, and by him paid into the Treasury March tenth, eighteen hundred and forty-one, four hundred and eighty-one dollars and ninety cents. For additional compensation to the district judges of Missouri, Arkan- Additional sas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, under the provisions of the compensationto first section of the act of seventeenth June, eighteen hundred and forty- d‘““‘°°J“dg°”· four, seven thousand six hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixty-seven 184% °h· 95- cents. To make good a deficiency in the appropriation for stationery, fuel, House of Re- V printing, and all other contingent expenses of the House of Represen- P¤'°¤°¤*¤ilV€¤- tatives, fifty thousand dollars, out of which shall be paid to William L. Goggin the sum of eight hundred and twenty-four dollars, his pay and W_ L_ Goggim mileage as a member of the House of Representatives while contesting the seat of Thomas W. Gilmer of Virginia, the same being at the rate of eight dollars per day from the seventh day of December, eighteen hundred and forty-three, to the seventeenth day of February, eighteen hundred and forty-four inclusive. To supply a deficiency in the appropriation for the contingent ex- 5mm_ penses of the Senate, seventy thousand dollars. To defray arrearages of expenses of the commission appointed to Texas bouu, mark the boundary line between the United States and Texas, ninety- dury. four dollars and sixty cents. For paying the April and July instalments of the Mexican indemni- Mexicana,. ties due in eighteen hundred and forty-four, the sum of two hundred d¢m¤i¢Y- and seventy-five thousand dollars: Provided, It shall be ascertained to the satisfaction of the American Government, that said instalments have been paid by the Mexican Government to the agent appointed by the United States to receive the same in such manner as to discharge all claim on the Mexican Government, and said agent to be a delinquent in remitting the money to the United States. Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the postage 0;,},,, Secretary of the Treasury to pay, out of any money in the treasury not Executive Deotherwise appropriated, the amount of postages which may be charge— P‘“'““‘·’“'S· able to any of the Executive Departments or the Bureaus thereof, under the provisions of an act passed the present session of Congress, entitled 1845, ch. 43, "An act to reduce the rates of postage, to limit the use and correct the abuse of the franking privilege, and for the prevention of frauds on the revenues of the Post Office Department," the accounts for the same being first audited and allowed by the proper officer of the Treasury Department; the amount thereof to be reported to Congress at the next session. Approved, March 3, 1845.