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704 'l‘WENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. 11. Ch. 77. 1845. quarters are assigned; the burial of deceased marines; printing, stationery, forage, postagcs, and the pursuit of dcscrters ; candles and oi]: straw; barrack furniture; bed sacks, spades, axes, shovels, picks; carpenters’ tools; and keeping a horse for the messenger, seventeen thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars. R, p_ Amie;. To R. P. Anderson for printing and binding for the Navy Depart- ¤<>¤· ment, by contract, thirteen hundred and thirty—0ne dollars. Naval ,,°,,_ Sec. 2. And be itdfurther cnacied, That naval constructors may be auucmrs. required to perform uty at any navy-yard or other station; and, when so ordered, shall be cntitlcd to the same allowance for travel which is made to officers of the navy, O,»dmmcc_&,,_ Sxac. 3. And be it fart/new enacted, That so much of the proviso to ml Supplivs the act of third March, eighteen hundred and forty-three, entitled "An $H§h§S°i$i °“° act makincr appropriations for the naval service for the halficalcndar . . or ves- P . . . . $915 0,, foreign year, begmning the first of January, and ending the thiruetb day of S¤={¤i<>¤S· ¤¤¤r¤- June, eighteen hundred and forty-three, and for the fiscal year, begin-

l“"?d l° b° nina the first of July eighteen hundred and forty-three, and endinc the

urmshed by . ¤. ’ . . ° contract. thnrueth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty-four," as requires that 1843. ch- 83- provisions, and ull other materials of every name and nature, for the usc of the navy, to be furnished by contract, with the lowest bidder, after advertisement, shall be, and the same is hereby, so far modified that it shall not apply to ordnance, gunpowder, medicines, or the supplies which it may be necessary to purchase out of the United States, for vessels on foreign stations. pay gfpasgcd Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That no more than one hunmidshipmen. drcd and eighty passed midshipmen, and those senior in rank, shall at the same time receive the pay fixed by law for that class of officers. Appointment Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That midslupmcn shall hereafter 0f midShipmen· be appointed from each State and Territory with reference and in proportion, as near as may be, to the number of representatives and dolcgates to Congress; and that, until such :1 proportion shall have been established, all future appointments shall be made from such States and Territories as have not their relative proportion of midshipmen on the navy list, whenever there are suitable applicants from such States or Tcrritorics; and provided further, that in all cases of appointment, the individual selected shall be an actual resident of the State from which the appointment purports to be made, and that the District of Columbia bc considered as a. Territory in this behalf Furlcughs. Suc. 6. And be it furzher enacted, That so much of the act entitled un act to regulate the pay of the navy of the United States, approved 1835,ch.27. March third, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, as provides, that no officer shall be put on furlough but at his own request, be and the same is hereby repealed. Appaimmem Sec. 7. And be it jlorther enacted, That in lieu of the mode hereto-

sgginfcfs of fore provided by law, the engineer-in-chief; and chicf engineers of the

)‘ navy shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; and that the President, by and with the like advice and consent, may appoint six engineers, to be employed in the rcvcnuc scrvicc of the United States, and the Secretary of the '1`rcasury Engineers in may appoint six assistant engineers, to be employed in the like service, ggvlggenuc one engineer and one assistant to be assigned to each steamer in the ' said service, if the same shall be deemed ncccssary by the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall prescribe the duties to be performed by said officers respectively; each of the said engineers shall be entitled to raccivc the same pay as now is, or hcrcailcr may bc, by law, allowed to first licutenzmts in the Revenue service ; and that each assistant enginccr, shall be entitled to receive the same pay that now is, or hercalier may be, by law, allowed to third lieutauants in said service.