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48 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. L Ch. 97,98. 1836. Cnar. . n c r ai our een sect 1. ‘ ncorpome STATUE L XCVTI-.6 .41 t I thef l lh tim of t} e Met tai t

 the subscribers to the Barzccqf the United »S'l¢rlcs," approved, April tenlh, etghtem

hundred and sixteen. (a) Fourteenth Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United °°°’l°¤ ’°P°°l‘ States of America in Congress assembled, That the fourteenth section °d' of the act entitled "An act to incorporate the subscribers to the Bm]; of the United States," approved April tenth, eighteen hundred and si;. teen, shall be, and the same is hereby, repealed. Armtovnn, June 15, 1836. S*rnU·m I. —-——— June 15, 1836. CHAP. XCVIII.-dn Act to divide the Green Bay land district in Michigan, and ""‘-""" for other puoposcs. Division mw Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ¤¤¤d¤· States of America in Congress assembled, That the country on the western shore of Lake Michigan, embraced within the limits of the Green Bay land district, as established by the act of Congress, of the 1834·,ch-'76- twenty-sixth day of June, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, shall be, and is hereby, divided by a line commencing on the western boundary of said district, and running thence, east, between townships ten and eleven north, to the line between ranges seventeen and eighteen, east; thence north, between said ranges of townships, to the line between townships twelve and thirteen north; thence east, between said townships twelve and thirteen, to Lake Michigan; and all the country bounded north by the division line here described, south by the base line, east by Lake Michigan, and west by the division line between ranges eight and nine east, shall constitute a. separate district, and be called the Milwaukie land district. Two addi- Sm. 2. And be it further enacted, That two additional districts shall

  • l9¤¤l Md di¤· be, and are hereby established in the peninsula of Michigan, one to be
ffi:!:gd}°° °°' called the Grand river, and the other the Saginaw, land district, the

former of which shall be bounded as follows, to wit: beginning at the shore of Lake Michigan, on the line between townships three and four north, and running east on said line to the line between ranges number six and seven west of the principal meridian; thence, on said range line south, to the base line of the public surveys; thence, on said base line east, to the principal meridian line; thence north, on said meridian, to the north boundary of township ten north; thence west, on the line between townships ten and eleven north, to the western boundary of range two west; and thence north, following the line between ranges two and three west, so as to include all that portion of the peninsula of Michigan lying west of said line. The Sagmaw district shall embrace all the tract of country bounded on the west by the Grand river district aforesaid; on the south, by the division line, between townships number Eve and six, north of the base line; on the east by the division line, between ranges eleven and twelve, east of the principal meridian; and on the north and northeast by Saginaw bay and Luke Huron. Register, and Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That for each of all the aforesaid recciycrs to be districts there shall be appointed a register and receiver, who shall gaggnud m rwide and superintend the sales of the public lands at such place, in each respective district, as the President of the United States may designate. They shall give security in the same manner and in the same sums, and their compensation, emoluments, duty, and authority, shall, in every respect, be the same, in relation to the lands which may he disposed of at their offices, as are, or may be, provided by law relative to the registers and receivers of public money in the several offices

(a) Act of April 10, 1816, ch. 44.