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1018 Frank White, and other former Treas- urers of the United States. Credit in accounts. Proviso. Application of any recoveries. 75TH CONGRESS, 1ST SESSION-CHS. 454-456- -JULY 8, 1937 $5,241.47 in the aggregate, covering disallowances in his accounts as a result of payments made by him during the period from August 1923 to December 1933. Swe. 2. That the Comptroller General of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to credit the accounts of former Treasurers of the United States with sums not exceeding the following amounts, representing unavailable items in their accounts: Frank White, $57,507.72; G. F. Allen, $643; H. T . Tate, $14,664.94; and W. 0. Woods, $107,833.29: Provided, That any recoveries here- tofore or hereafter made in respect of any of the foregoing items may, in the discretion of the Comptroller General, be applied to offset unavailable items of a similar character hereafter arising in the accounts of the former Treasurer to whose account the recovery pertains, upon a showing that such unavailable items have occurred without fault or negligence on the part of said former Treasurer. Approved, July 8, 1937. [CHAPTER 455] AN ACT For the relief of Richard T. Edwards. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the wrhards T. Ed- United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secre- Payment to. tary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to Richard T. Edwards, major, Quartermaster Corps, United States Army, $1,602.96, or so much of such sum as shall have been col- lected from him prior to the passage of this Act, in full satisfaction of his claim against the United States for a stoppage in his pay on account of shortage of public property at the Army Medical Center, Washington, District of Columbia, during the period April 1927 to April 1928, while Major Edwards was acting as quartermaster Release'o account- property officer: Provided, That no part of this shortage shall be Liiton onattor later charged to Major Richard T. Edwards, United States Army: ney's, etc., fee. Provided further, That no part of the amount appropriated in this Act in excess of 10 per centum thereof shall be paid or delivered to or received by any agent or attorney on account of services ren- dered in connection with this claim, and the same shall be unlawful, Penalty for viola- any contract to the contrary notwithstanding. Anyperson violating t on. the provisions of this Act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000. Approved, July 8, 1937. July 8, 1937 [H .R5652 [Private, No. 210] Frank A. Smith. Provisions of Em- ployees' Compensa- tion Act extended to. 39 Stat. 746. 5 U.s..C. 76-770. [CHAPTER 456] AN ACT For the relief of Frank A. Smith. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the limita- tions of time in sections 15 to 20, both inclusive, of the Act entitled "An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes" approved September 7, 1916, as amended, are hereby waived in favor of Frank A. Smith, of San Diego, California, and the Employees' Compensation Commission is hereby authorized and directed to receive and consider his claim, if filed July 8, 1937 [H. R. 5438] [Private, No. 209]