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TREATIES Supplementary extradition convention between the United States of -Apil 23,19I3 America and France. Signed at Paris, April 23, 1936; ratification T.N advised by the Senate, June 16, 1936; ratified by the President, June 20, 1936; ratified by France, July 30, 1936; ratifications exchanged at Paris, August 25, 1936; proclaimed, September 11, 1936. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION WHEREAS a supplementary extradition convention between the Supplementary ex- spmt tradition convention United States of America and the Republic of France was concluded with France. and signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Paris on the twenty- Premble. third day of April, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-six, the original of which supplementary convention, being in the English and French languages, is word for word as follows: THE UNITED STATES OF AMER- ICA AND THE REPUBLIC OF FRANCE being desirous of completing the list of crimes and offenses on ac- count of which extradition may be granted under the Convention concluded between the United States and France January 6, 1909, have resolved to conclude an ad- ditional Convention for this putr- pose and to that end have ap- pointed the following plenipoten- tiaries, to wit: The President of the United States of America: His Excellency Mr. Jesse Isidor STRAUS, Ambassador extraordi- nary and plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the French Republic; And the President of the French Republic: His Excellency Mr. Pierre- Etienne FLANDIN, Deputy, Minis- ter for Foreign Affairs, Who are in agreement on the following articles: LES ETATS-UNIS D'AMERIQUE et la REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE desi- rant completer la liste des crimes et delits pour lesquels l'extradition peut etre accordee en vertu de la Convention conclue entre les Etats-Unis et la France, le 6 Jan- vier 1909, ont r6solu de conclure une Convention additionnelle A cet effet et ont d6sign6, pour ce faire, les Plenipotentiaires ci-apr's, savoir: Le President des Etats-Unis d'Am6riquo: Son Excellence M. Jesse Isidor STRAUS, Ambassadeur Extraordi- naire et Plenipotentiaire des Etats- Unis d'Amerique pros le Gouverne- ment de la Republique Francaise et le President de la R6publique frangaise: Son Excellence M. Pierre-Eti- enne FLANDIN, D6pute, Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres; Lesquels se sont mis d'accord sur les articles ci-apres: 1117 Contracting powers. 37 Stat. 1526. Plenipotentlarles.