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1154 TREATIES Definitions. 45 Stat. 2871. Watchers. Technical require ments. Ante, p. 114& Pot, p. 1170. 4. By auto-alarm is meant an automatic alarm receiver which complies with the requirements of Article 19, § 21, of the General Regulations annexed to the International Radiotelegraph Conven- tion, 1927. 5. By qualified operator is meant a person holding a certificate com- plying with the provisions of the General Regulations annexed to the International Radiotelegraph Convention in force. 6. By certified watcher is meant any person holding a watcher's certificate issued under the authority of the Administration. ARTICLE 30. Watchers. 1. A watcher's certificate shall not be granted by a Contracting Government unless the applicant proves that he is capable- (a) of receiving and understanding the alarm, distress, safety and urgency signals when these signals occur among a series of other signals; (b) of correct reception by ear of code groups (mixed letters, figures and punctuation marks) at a speed of sixteen groups per minute, each group being composed of five characters and each figure or punctuation mark counting as two characters; (c) of regulating the receivers used in the ship's radiotelegraph installation. 2. The Contracting Governments undertake to take steps to ensure that certified watchers observe the secrecy of correspondence. ARTICLE 31. Technical Requirements. The radiotelegraph installations required by Article 27 above and the direction-finding apparatus required by Article 47 shall comply with the following requirements:- 1. The ship's station must be placed in accordance with the detailed Regulations of the Government of the country to which the ship belongs, in the upper part of the ship in a position of the greatest possible safety, as high as practicable above the deepest load water line. 2. There shall be provided, between the bridge of the ship and the wireless telegraph room, means of communication either by voice pipe or by telephone or in some other manner equally efficient. 3. A reliable clock with a seconds hand must be provided in the wireless telegraph room. 4. A reliable emergency light must be provided in the wireless telegraph room. 5. The installation shall comprise a main installation and an emergency (reserve) installation. If, however, the main installation complies with all the requirements of an emergency (reserve) instal- lation the latter is not then obligatory.