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2. Where the number of lifeboats carried on a ship is more than 13, one shall be a motor boat, and where the number is more than 19, two shall be motor boats. These motor lifeboats shall be fitted with a wireless telegraph installation and a searchlight. The wireless telegraph installation shall comply with conditions as to range and efficiency to be decided by each Administration. The searchlight shall include a lamp of at least 80 watts, an efficient reflector and a source of power which will give effective illumination of a light coloured object over a width of about 18 metres (60 feet) at a distance of 180 metres (200 yards) for a total period of six hours, and it shall be capable of working for three hours continuously. Where the power for the wireless equipment and the searchlight are derived from the same source, this shall be sufficient to provide for the adequate working of both appliances. 3. The normal equipment of every approved life raft shall consist of- (a.) Four oars. (b.) Five rowlocks. (c.) A self-igniting lifebuoy light. (d.) A sea-anchor. (e.) A painter. (f.) A vessel containing four and a half litres (equivalent to one gallon) of vegetable or animal oil. The vessel shall be so constructed that the oil can be easily distributed on the water, and so arranged that it can be attached to the sea-anchor. (g.) An airtight receptacle containing one kilogramme (equiva- lent to two pounds) of provisions for each person. (h.) A watertight receptacle provided with a dipper with lanyard containing one litre (equivalent to one quart) of fresh water for each person. (i.) At least one dozen self-igniting red lights and a box of matches in watertight containers. 4. In the case of a ship which is engaged in short international voyages, the Administration may exempt the boats from carrying the equipment specified under sub-paragraphs (f), (1) and (o) of para- graph 1 and from the requirements of paragraph 2, and may also exempt the life rafts from carrying the equipment specified in para- graph 3 (g). REGULATION XXXVII. Stowage and Handling of Boats and Life Rafts. Stowage and han- dlig of boats and life 1. Subject to the conditions of Regulation XXXVIII, the lifeboats rafts. may be stowed one above the other, or they may, subject to such conditions as the Administration may impose, be fitted one within another, but where boats so fitted require lifting before being launched they shall only be permitted if mechanical power appliances for lifting are provided. 1246 TREATIES