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TREATIES 10. Where any special type of appliance, extinguishing medium or arrangement is specified, any other type of appliance, &c., may be allowed, provided that it is not less effective than the specified one. For example-a Carbon Dioxide system may be accepted in place of a froth installation (paragraph (7), sub-paragraphs (d) and (e)), provided that the quantity of carbon dioxide carried is sufficient to give a gas saturation of about 25 per cent. for the gross volume of the stokehold to about the top of the boilers. 11. All the fire-extinguishing appliances shall be thoroughly exam- ined at least once each year by a surveyor appointed by the Admin- istration. REGULATION XLIV. Muster List. Muster list. The muster list shall assign duties to the different members of the crew in connexion with- (a.) The closing of the watertight doors, valves, &c. (b.) The equipment of the boats, life rafts and buoyant apparatus generally. (c.) The launching of the boats attached to davits. (d.) The general preparation of the other boats, the life rafts, and buoyant apparatus. (e.) The muster of the passengers. (f.) The extinction of fire. The muster list shall assign to the members of the stewards' depart- ment their several duties in relation to the passengers at a time of emergency. These duties shall include:- (a.) Warning the passengers. (b.) Seeing that they are dressed and have put on their life- jackets in a proper manner. (c.) Assembling the passengers at muster stations. (d.) Keeping order in the passages and on the stairways, and, generally, controlling the movements of the passengers. The muster list shall specify definite signals for calling all the crew to their boat and fire stations, and shall give full particulars of these signals. REGULATION XLV. Musters and Drills. Musters and drills. Musters of the crew for boat drill shall take place weekly when practicable, and in vessels in which the voyage exceeds one week, before leaving port. The dates upon which musters are held shall be recorded in the Official Log Book and, if in any week a muster is not held, an entry shall be made stating why a muster was not practicable. 1262