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TREATIES ARTICLE 12. Every vessel may, if necessary, in order to attract attention, in addition to the lights which she is by these Rules required to carry, show a flare-up light or use any detonating or other efficient sound signal that cannot be mistaken for a prescribed distress or og signal. ARTICLE 13. Nothing in these Rules shall interfere with the operation of any special rules made by the Government of any nation with respect to additional station and signal lights for two or more ships of war or for vessels sailing under convoy, or with the exhibition of recognition. signals adopted by shipowners, which have been authorised by their respective Governments and duly registered and published. ARTICLE 14. A steam vessel proceeding under sail ery, but having her funny? up, when also under steam or other mechanical power shall carry in the daytime, forward, where it can best be seen, one blaek bah black cone, point upwards, 2 feet in diameter at its base. fog, ignals or SOUND SIGNALS FOR FOG, &c. ARTICLE 15. Ruesconcrning. All signals prescribed by this Article for vessels under way shall be given- 1. By "steam vessels" on the whistle or siren. 2. By "sailing vessels and vessels towed" on the fog horn. The words "prolonged blast" used in this Article, shall mean a blast of from 4 to 6 seconds' duration. A steam vessel shall be provided with an efficient whistle or siren, sounded by steam or some substitute for steam, so placed that the sound may not be intercepted by any obstruction, and with an efficient fog-horn, to be sounded by mechanical means, and also with an efficient bell.* A sailing vessel of 20 tons gross tonnage or upwards shall be provided with a similar fog-horn and bell.

  • In all cases where the rules require a bell to be used a drum may be substituted

on board Turkish vessels, or a gong where such articles are used on board small sea-going vessels. [Footnote in the original.] 1294