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MEXICO-PROTECTION OF MIGRATORY BIRDS, ETC.-FEBRUARY 7. 1936 Convention between the United States of America and Mexico for the protection of migratory birds and game mammals. Signed at Mexico City, February 7, 1936; ratification advised by the Senate, April SO, 1936; ratified by the President, October 8, 1936; ratified by Mexico, February 12, 1937; ratifications exchanged at Washington, March 15, 1937; proclaimed,March 15, 1937. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS a convention between the United States of America and the United Mexican States providing for the protection of migra- tory birds and game mammals was concluded and signed by their respective plenipotentiaries at the city of Mexico on the seventh day of February, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-six, the original of which convention, being in the English and Spanish languages, is word for word as follows: February 7, 1936 [T. S.No. 912] Migratory birds and game mammals in United States and Mexico. Preamble. CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TIE UNITED MEXICAN STATES FOR THE PROTECTION OF MIGRATORY BIRDS AND GAME MAMMALS. Whereas, some of the birds de- nominated migratory, in their movements cross the United States of America and the United Mexi- can States, in which countries they live temporarily; Whereas it is right and proper to protect the said migratory birds, whatever may be their ori- gin, in the United States of America and the United Mexican States, in order that the species may not be exterminated; Whereas, for this purpose it is necessary to employ adequate measures which will permit a rational utilization of migratory birds for the purposes of sport as well as for food, commerce and industry; The Governments of the two countries have agreed to conclude a Convention which will satisfy the above mentioned need and to that end have appointed as their respective plenipotentiaries: The Honorable Josephus Daniels representing the President of CONVENIO ENTRE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS DE NORTEAMERICA Y LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXI- CANOS PARA LA PROTECCION DE AVES MIGRATORIAS Y DE MAMIFEROS CINEGETICOS. Considerando que algunas de las aves llamadas migratorias en sus viajes cruzan los Estados Uni- dos de Norteamerica y los Esta- dos Unidos Mexicanos, en cuyos paises temporalmente habitan; Considerando que es justo y conveniente proteger dichas aves migratorias, cualquiera que sea su origen, en los Estados Unidos de Norteam6rica y en los Estados Unidos Mexicanos para que no se extingan sus especies; Considerando que para el fin indicado es necesario emplear metodos adecuados que permitan utilizar racionalmente las aves migratorias tanto en el deporte cuanto para la alimentaci6n, el comercio y la industria; Los Gobiernos de ambos paises han convenido en formalizar una Convenci6n que satisfaga la ne- cesidad apuntada y para el efecto han nombrado sus respectivos Plenipotenciarios: El senor Josephus Daniels, re- presentando al Presidente de los Plenipotentiaries. 1311