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TREATIES Crimes committed at sea. Piracy. Destruction, etc. , of vessel. Mutiny, etc. Assault on ship- board. Burglary. Unlawful entry of public offices. Robbery. Forgery, etc., of documents. Counterfeiting, etc. Embezzlement. Kidnapping. Larceny. Obtaining money by false pretenses. Perjury. Breach of trust, etc. Slavery or slave Tade. 8. Crimes committed at sea: a) Piracy, in the current sense of the word and according to the definition in international or municipal law; b) unlawful sinking or destruction of a ship at sea, or attempt to perform such act- c) mutiny or conspiracy by two or more members of the crew or other persons on board of a vessel on the high seas, for the purpose of rebelling against the authority of the Cap- tain or Commander of such vessel, or to take possession of such vessel by fraud or violence; d) assault on board of a ship on the high seas, with intent to do bodily harm. 9. Burglary, breaking into a house. 10. Breaking into or forcing an entrance into the official premises of the Government or public authorities, or into other buildings, other than dwellings, with intent to commit a crime there. 11. Robbery. 12. Forgery of documents or the circulation of forged documents. 13. Forgery or falsification of official documents of the Government or public authorities including the courts, or the circulation or fraudu- lent use thereof. 14. The fabrication of counterfeit money, whether coin or paper, counterfeit titles or coupons of the public debt created by national, State, provincial, territorial, local or municipal administrations, bank notes or other instruments of public credit, counterfeit seals, stamps, dies and other marks of State or public administration offices and the utterance, circulation or fraudulent use of the above-mentioned objects. 15. Embezzlement. 16. Kidnapping of minors or adults, defined to be the abduction or detention of one or more persons, in order to extort money from them, their families, or one or more other persons, or for any other unlawful purpose. 17. Larceny, that is the theft of articles, movable property or money of the value of twenty-five or more dollars or the equivalent thereof in Liechtenstein currency. 18. Obtaining money, securities or other property by false pre- tenses or acceptance of money, securities or other property, knowing the same has been unlawfully obtained, when the amount of the money or the value of the property so acquired or accepted exceeds two hundred dollars or the equivalent thereof in Liechtenstein currency. 19. Perjury. 20. Fraud or breach of trust by a bailee, banker, agent, factor, trustee, executor, administrator, guardian, director or official of a company or corporation, or by any person in a fiduciary position, when the amount of money or the value of the property misap- propriated exceeds two hundred dollars or the equivalent thereof in Liechtenstein currency. 21. Crimes and offenses against the laws for the suppression of slavery or the slave trade.