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CANADA-SOCKEYE SALMON FISHERIES-MAY 26, 1930 PROTOCOL OF EXCHANGE The undersigned the Secretary of State of the United States of America and the Canadian Minister at Washington met this day for the purpose of exchanging ratifications of the convention between the United States of America and Canada for the protection, preser- vation and extension of the sockeye salmon fisheries of the Fraser River System, signed at Washington on May 26, 1930. The Secretary of State of the United States of America stated that the convention is ratified on the part of the United States of America subject to the three understandings contained in the resolu- tion of the Senate of the United States of America advising and consenting to ratification, a copy of which resolution was communi- cated to the Secretary of State for External Affairs of Canada by the Minister of the United States of America at Ottawa in his note of July 7, 1936. These three understandings are as follows: (1) That the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission shall have no power to authorize any type of fishing gear contrary to the laws of the State of Washington or the Dominion of Canada; (2) That the Commission shall not promulgate or enforce regula- tions until the scientific investigations provided for in the conven- tion have been made, covering two cycles of Sockeye Salmon runs, or eight years; and (3) That the Commission shall set up an Advisory Committee composed of five persons from each country who shall be representa- tives of the various branches of the industry (purse seine, gill net, troll, sport fishing, and one other), which Advisory Committee shall be invited to all non-executive meetings of the Commission and shall be given full opportunity to examine and to be heard on all proposed orders, regulations or recommendations. The Canadian Minister stated that he was authorized by his Government to state that it accepted the foregoing understandings. The exchange then took place in the usual manner. IN WITNESS WHEREOF they have signed the present protocol and have affixed their seals hereto. Done at Washington this twenty-eighth day of July, 1937. CORDELL HULL [SEAL] Secretary of State of the United States of America HERBERT M 1MARLER. [SEAL] CanadianMinister Protocol of ex. change. 1361