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Import licenses, etc. Treatment of Gov- ernment monopolies. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES has been imported or sold or for which licenses or permits for importa- tion or sale have been granted. 2. Neither the United States of America nor the Republic of El Salvador shall regulate the total quantity of importations into its territory or sales therein of any article in which the other country has an interest, by import licenses or permits issued to individuals or organizations, unless the total quantity of such article permitted to be imported or sold, during a quota period of not less than three months, shall have been established, and unless the regulations covering the issuance of such licenses or permits shall have been made public before such regulations are put into force. ARTICLE VIII In the event that the Government of the United States of America or the Government of the Republic of El Salvador establishes or maintains a monopoly for the importation, production or sale of a particular commodity or grants exclusive privileges, formally or in effect, to one or more agencies to import, produce or sell a particular commodity, the Government of the country establishing or maintain- ing such monopoly, or granting such monopoly privileges, agrees that in respect of the foreign purchases of such monopoly or agency the commerce of the other country shall receive fair and equitable treatment. To this end it is agreed that in making its foreign pur- chases of any product such monopoly or agency will be influenced solely by those considerations, such as price, quality, marketability, and terms of sale, which would ordinarily be taken into account by a private commercial enterprise interested solely in purchasing such product on the most favorable terms. ARTICLE IX control of foreign The tariff advantages and other benefits provided for in this Agree- exchange. ment are granted by the United States of America and the Republic of El Salvador to each other subject to the condition that if the Gov- ernment of either country shall establish or maintain, directly or indirectly, any form of control of foreign exchange, it shall administer such control so as to insure that the nationals and commerce of the other country will be granted a fair and equitable share in the allot- ment of exchange. With respect to the exchange made available for commercial trans- actions, it is agreed that the Government of each country shall be guided in the administration of any form of control of foreign exchange by the principle that, as nearly as may be determined, the share of the total available exchange which is allotted to the other country shall not be less than the share employed in a previous representative period prior to the establishment of any exchange control for the settlement of commercial obligations to the nationals of such other country. Mutual considera. The Government of each country shall give sympathetic con- tion of representations with respect to appli- sideration to any representations which the other Government may cationof Article. make in respect of the application of the provisions of this Article, and if, within thirty days after the receipt of such representations, a satisfactory adjustment has not been made or an agreement has not been reached with respect to such representations, the Government making them may, within fifteen days after the expiration of the afore- said period of thirty days, terminate this Article or this Agreement in its entirety on thirty days' written notice.