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PROCLAMATIONS, 1937 Marking pckages. 6. Every package in which migratory birds or parts, nests or eggs thereof are shipped wholly within a State or Territory or the District of Columbia, or in which such birds, parts, nests, or eggs are trans- ported by any means whatever from one State, Territory, or the District of Columbia to, into, or through another State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, or to a foreign country, for scientific pur- poses shall be plainly and clearly marked, labeled, or tagged on the outside thereof to show the name and address of the consignor and consignee, the contents of the package, the number of the permit under authority of which it is transported, and that the specimens contained therein are for scientific purposes. Permitsto killmi Regulation 10.- P ERMI TS TO KILL MIGRATORY BIRDS gratory birds injurious to property. INJURIOUS TO PROPERTY community inlury. Community injury. -W hen information is furnished the Secretary that any species of migratory bird has become, under extraordinary conditions, seriously injurious to agriculture or other interests in any particular community, an investigation will be made to determine the nature and extent of the injury, whether the birds alleged to be doing the damage should be killed, and, if so, during what times and by what means. Upon his determination an appropriate order will be made. speciic injury. Specific injury.- Upon receipt by the Chief of the Bureau, or the Regional Director of the Bureau of Biological Survey in the region where the injury occurs, of information from the owner, tenant, or share cropper that migratory birds are injuring his crops or other property on the land on which he resides, together with a statement of the location of the land, the nature of the crops or property being injured, the extent of such injury, and the particular species of birds committing the injury, an investigation will be made and if it is deter- mined from such investigation that the injury complained of is sub- stantial and can be abated only by killing the birds, or so many thereof as may be necessary, a permit to kill the birds will be issued by said Chief of the Bureau or Director, in which permit will be speci- fied the time during which, the means and methods by which, and the person or persons by whom the birds may be killed, and the disposition to be made of the birds so killed, and such other restric- tions as may be deemed necessary and appropriate in the circumstances 1tesSrietion. of the particular case: Provided, however, That in every permit issued as aforesaid it shall be specified that no such birds shall be shot at or killed at any time or in any manner not authorized by the laws of the State in which such permit is effective; and as to migratory waterfowl, that they shall not be shot at or killed (1) from any blind, sink, pit, or any other device or means of concealment, whether natural or artificial, movable or stationary, or on land or water; (2) by means of any gun larger than no. 10 gage, or of any gun to which a silencer has been attached or otherwise affixed; and (3) by the use of decoys of any description, or of traps or nets of any kind. Records to be kept. Every person exercising any privilege hereinbefore in this regulation provided for shall keep an accurate record of all migratory birds killed by him and whenever requested by the Chief of the Bureau or by the Regional Director shall submit promptly, on a form provided by the Bureau for the purpose, a report correctly stating the species and number of each species of migratory birds killed by him and in any event shall submit such report to the Regional Director on or before January 10 of each year. Failure to submit a report as required by this regulation will be sufficient cause for revocation of any permit or withdrawal of any privilege accorded any person failing to make the report. 1854