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INDEX Bastedo, Paul H. (Capt.), acceptance of foreign decoration authorized------ Baxter, Marjorie L., payment to ----- .- Baxter, Miles C., payment to --------- Bayley, Margaret Scott, provisions of Em- ployees' Compensation Act extended to----------------------------- Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Tex., payment to- Beacon Island Military Reservation, re- lease of purchasers from further pay- ment under contract of sale- ------- Beadle, William Henry Harrison (Gen.), acceptance of statue of, and thanks of Congress to South Dakota

Beard, Stephen R. (Maj.), credit allowed in accounts of------------------ Belknap, James Andrew, payment to guardian of--------------------- Belton, Frederick (1st Sgt.), acceptance of foreign decoration authorized------ Bennett, Ray Earl, payment to .- - -- - - - Benton, Charles W., claim submitted to district court ------------------ Bettio, Arturo, payment to ------------ Biery, Donald H., credit allowed in accounts------------------------ Birmingham, W. A ., credit allowed in ac- counts------------------------ Birt, Ed (Dr.), payment to------------- Biscaro, Carlo, payment to------------- Biscaro, Guideo, payment to ----------- Bituminous Coal Act of 1937, correction in enrollment directed-------------- Blake, Eugene, Jr. (Capt.), payment of court judgment against, authorized-- Blakely, William, payment to ..-- -- -- - Blanchard, J. Harvey, payment to------ Blanchard, John D. (Capt.), acceptance of foreign decoration authorized-

Blazevich, Martin J., payment to------- Bioedorn, May Howard, payment to---- Bolger, David, retired list, Navy ------- Bolin, John W., relief of-------------- Bonded Warehouses, time extended for withdrawing imported merchandise-- Bonded Wool and Camel Hair, time extend- ed for furnishing proof of use in man- ufacture----------------------- Bonn, Clifford L., payment to ---

Bookwalter, Donald L., payment to ---- Borney, Frank Lee, payment to ------- Bosley, Carl Gene, payment to guardian of -------------------------- Bower, Gordon S. (Lt. Comdr.), credit in accounts of -------------------- Bowers Southern Dredging Company. See Clark Dredging Company. Boykin, Eliza, payment to ------------ Bozman, Luther E., payment to--------- Bradford, Carson, payment to---------- Page 948 1058 980 955 979 1098 1112 925 1100 948 1100 1012 1059 1102 1019 954 1059 1059 1109 943 947 1004 948 1011 977 1078 981 180( 1804 106< 97V 108. 110( 96; 98 95 105 --- Branchicella, Salvatore, deportation pro- Page ceedings canceled------------------ 958 Brandon, Park B., payment to----------- 1075 Irazil: Agreements with, concerning- Military mission------------------- 1457 Naval mission-------------------- 1403 Irennan, John, payment to------------- 1021 Irennan, Luke Francis, naval record corrected ------------------------ 1094 Irennan, W. P., claim for overtime labor submitted to Court of Claims------- 964 Brent, George W. (Capt.), credit allowed in accounts of -------------------- 925 Brook House, Ltd., payment to--------- 928 Brooks, John N., payment to------------ 1061 Brown, Preston, acceptance of foreign decoration authorized ------------ 1025 Brown, Robert O. (Mr. and Mrs.), pay- ment to-------------------------- 962 Brown, William H., acceptance of foreign decoration authorized-------------- 1025 Brown, William H. (Dr.), acceptance of foreign decoration authorized------- 948 Broy, Charles C., appropriation authorized for payment to------------------- 1000 Bryan, William Jennings, proceedings on acceptance of statue of, ordered printed; thanks of Congress presented to Nebraska---------------------- 1110 Buckey, John L., payment to----------- 1029 Buechner, William H. (Capt.), payment to- 925 Burgess, Matt, payment to------------- 948 Burka, Samuel M. (Dr.), acceptance of foreign decoration authorized------- 948 Burke, Agnes L., payment to ----------- 1029 Burnett, Charles (Col.), acceptance of foreign decoration authorized ------- 948 Burnett, Harry, payment to ----------- 1049 Busch, Owen, claim referred to Court of Claims-------------------------- 1052 C Cabot, John M., appropriation authorized for payment to ---------------- Cacace, Charles M., release from liability of court judgment-------------- Cacace, Joseph M., release from liability of court judgment---------------- California: Death Valley National Monument, area enlarged ----------------------- Joshua Tree National Monument, lands set apart --------------------- Callahan, Edna M., payment to -------- Callaway, John E., payment to estate of- _ Cameron, Cecile C., payment to ------ Campbell, Marshall, claim of estate of, submitted to district court--------- 1060 1000 996 996 1823 1760 927 1010 1056 I i I I