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LIQUOR 363 SEC. 3117. OFFICERS AND AGENTS AUTHORIZED TO INVESTIGATE, ISSUE SEARCH WARRANTS, AND PROSECUTE FOR VIOLA- TIONS. (a) DurTms. -The Commissioner, his assistants, agents, and inspec- tors, shall investigate and report violations of this part to the United States attorney for the district in which committed, who is hereby charged with the duty of prosecuting the offenders, subject to the direction of the Attorney General, as in the case of other offenses against the laws of the United States; and the Commissioner, his assistants, agents, and inspectors, may swear out warrants before United States commissioners or other officers or courts authorized to issue the same for the apprehension of such offenders, and may, sub- ject to the control of the said United States attorney, conduct the prosecution at the committing trial for the purpose of having the offenders held for the action of a grand jury. Section 1014 of the Revised Statutes (U. S . C., Title 18, § 591) is hereby made appli- cable in the enforcement of this part. Officers mentioned in said section 1014 are authorized to issue search warrants under the limitations provided in title XI of the Act of June 15, 1917, 40 Stat. 228 (U. S . C ., Title 18, §§ 611-633). (b) TRANSFER OF Durms.- For transfer of powers and duties of Commissioner and his agents, see section 3170. SEC. 3118. RELEASE OF SEIZED PROPERTY UPON EXECUTION OF BOND. When any property is seized for violation of this part it may be released to the claimant or to any intervening party, in the discretion of the Commissioner, on a bond given and approved. SEC. 3119. COMPLIANCE WITH COURT SUBPOENA AS TO TESTIFYING OR PRODUCING RECORDS. No person shall be excused, on the ground that it may tend to incriminate him or subject him to a penalty or forfeiture, from at- tending and testifying, or producing books, papers, documents, and other evidence in obedience to a subpena of any court in any suit or proceeding based upon or growing out of any alleged violation of this part; but no natural person shall be prosecuted or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any transaction, matter, or thing as to which, in obedience to a subpena and under oath, he may so testify or produce evidence, but no person shall be exempt from prosecution and punishment for perjury committed in so testifying. SEC. 3120. FORM OF AFFIDAVIT, INFORMATION, OR INDICTMENT. In any affidavit, information, or indictment for the violation of this subchapter, separate offenses may be united in separate counts and the defendant may be tried on all at one trial and the penalty for all offenses may be imposed. It shall not be necessary in any affidavit, information, or indictment to give the name of the pur- chaser or to include any defensive negative averments, but it shall be sufficient to state that the act complained of was then and there prohibited and unlawful, but this provision shall not be construed to preclude the trial court from directing the furnishing the defendant a bill of particulars when it deems it proper to do so. SEC. 3121. POWERS AND DUTIES OF PERSONS ENFORCING THIS PART. (a) COMMISSIONER AND OTHER PERsoNs.- The Commissioner, his assistants, agents, and inspectors, and all other officers, employees, or agents of the United States, whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws, shall have all the rights, privileges, powers and protection in the enforcement of the provisions of this part which are conferred by law for the enforcement of any laws in respect of the taxation, importation, exportation, transportation, manufacture, possession, or use of, or traffic in, intoxicating liquors.