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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 248 -JUNE 29, 1939 mates on vessels of the Survey, to execute the work of the Survey herein provided for and authorized by law, $589,000. ceomissioned of- Pay, commissioned officers: For pay and allowances prescribed by ances . a' law for commissioned officers on sea duty and other duty, holding - relative rank with officers of the Navy, including one director, six hydrographic and geodetic engineers with relWive rank of captain, ten hydrographic and geodetic engineers with'elative rank of com- mander seventeen hydrographic and geodetic engineers with relative rank of lieutenant commander, forty-seven hydrographic and geo- detic engineers with relative rank of lieutenant, sixty-one junior hydrographic and geodetic engineers with relative rank of lieutenant (junior grade), twenty-nine aides with relative rank of ensign, and including officers retired in accordance with existing law, $825,000: ssint director. Provided,That the Secretary of Commerce may designate one of the hydrographic and geodetic engineers to act as assistant director. Office force. Office force: For personal services, $590,000. Office expenses. Office expenses: For purchase of new instruments (except surveying instruments), including their exchange, materials, equipment, and supplies required in the instrument shop, carpenter shop, and chart division; books, scientific and technical books, journals, books of reference, maps, charts, and subscriptions; copper plates, chart paper, printer's ink, copper, zinc, and chemicals for electrotyping and photo- graphing; engraving, printing, photgraphing, rubber gloves, and electrotyping supplies; photolithographing and printing charts for immediate use; stationery for office and field parties; transportation of instruments and supplies when not charged to field expenses; tele- grams; washing; office furniture, repairs; miscellaneous expenses, contingencies of all kinds, not exceeding $90 for streetcar fares, $73,000. Aeronauticalcharts. Aeronautical charts: For compilation and printing of aeronautical charts, including personal services in the District of Columbia (not to exceed $91,500), operation of airplane for check flights, and aerial photographs, execution of ground surveys at air terminals, and the purchase of drafting, photographic, photolithographic, and printing supplies and equipment, $120,000. Restriction on use Appropriations herein made for traveling expenses or for the Coast and Geodetic Survey shall not be available for allowance to civilian or other officers for subsistence while on duty at Washington (except as hereinbefore provided for officers of the field force ordered to Washington for short periods for consultation with the director), except as now provided by law. IAttendanceatmeet- The appropriation under title III herein for traveling expenses shall be available, in an amount not to exceed $650, for expenses of attendance at meetings concerned with the work of the Coast and Geodetic Survey when incurred on the written authority of the Secretary of Commerce. Temporary employ Not to exceed $2,500 of the appropriations herein made for the etc. Coast and Geodetic Survey shall be available for the payment of part-time or intermittent employment in the District of Columbia, or elsewhere, of such architects, engineers, scientists, and technicists as may be contracted for by the Secretary of Commerce, in his discre- Rate of pay. tion at a rate of pay not exceeding $25 per diem for any person so employed. BURBEAU OF FITSHEIES Salaries. Salaries: For the Commissioner and other personal services in the District of Columbia, $183,000 of which amount not to exceed $5,000 shall be expended for personal service in connection with the main- tenance and operation of aquarium. [53 STAT.