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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 1 ST SESS.-CH. 615-AUG. 9, 1939 (22) The term "screenings" shall include chaff, sterile florets, imma- ture seed, weed seed, inert matter, and any other materials removed in any way from any seeds in any kind of cleaning or processing and which contain less than 25 per centum of live agricultural or vege- table seeds. (23) The term "in bulk" refers to seed when loose either in vehicles of transportation or in storage, and not to seed in bags or other containers. TITLE II-INTERSTATE COMMERCE PROHIBITIONS RELATING TO INTERSTATE COMMERCE IN CERTAIN SEEDS 1279 "Screenings." "In bulk." SEr. 201. It shall be unlawful for any person to transport or deliver Prohibitions relat- for transportation in interstate commerce- mercein certainseeds. (a) Any agricultural seeds or any mixture of agricultural seeds Labeling require- for seeding purposes, unless each container bears a label giving the following information in accordance with rules and regulations pre- scribed under section 402 of this Act: st, p. 1285. (1) The name of (A) kind, or (B) kind and variety, or (C) kind Name of kind, etc. and type, for each agricultural seed component present in excess of 5 per centum of the whole and the percentage by weight of each: Provided,That such components are expressed in accordance with the Poento. category designated under (A), (B), or (C); expressed according to (2) Lot number or other identification; category dsignated. (3) Origin, stated in accordance with paragraph (a) (1) of this Origin. section, of each agricultural seed present which has been designated by the Secretary of Agriculture as one on which a knowledge of the origin is important from the standpoint of crop production, if the origin is known, and if each such seed is present in excess of 5 per centum. If the origin of such agricultural seed or seeds is unknown, that fact shall be stated; (4) Percentage by weight of weed seeds, including noxious-weed Per en tage by sedweight of weed seeds. seeds; (5) Kinds of noxious-weed seeds and the rate of occurrence of Kinds of noxious- weed seeds and rate of each, which rate shall be expressed in accordance with and shall not ocrcrrence of each. exceed the rate allowed for shipment, movement, or sale of such noxious-weed seeds by the law and regulations of the State into which the seed is offered for transportation or transported or in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture, when under the provisions of section 101 (a) (9) (A) (iii) he shall deter- A^lt, p 12-7 mine that weeds other than those designated by State requirements are noxious; (6) Percentage by weight of agricultural seeds other than those Percentage by weight of certain agri- included under paragraph (a) (1) of this section; culturalseeds. (7) Percentage by weight of inert matter; Inert matter. (8) For each agricultural seed, in excess of 5 per centum of the Germination, etc. whole, stated in accordance with paragraph (a) (1) of this section, (A) percentage of germination, exclusive of hard seed, (B) per- centage of hard seed, if present, (C) the calendar month and year the test was completed to determine such percentages; (9) Name and address of (A) the person who transports, or Naesoensign.ip delivers for transportation, said seed in interstate commerce, or (B) the person to whom the seed is sold or shipped for resale, together with a code designation approved by the Secretary of Agri- culture under rules and regulations prescribed under section 402 of P" p. 1 this Act, indicating the person who transports or delivers for trans- portation said seed in interstate commerce;