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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 780-OCT. 9 , 1940 and under appropriations heretofore treated as permanent, being for the service of the fiscal year 1938 and prior years, unless otherwise stated, and which have been certified to Congress under section 2 of the Act of July 7, 1884 (5 U. S. C. 266), as fully set forth in House Document Numbered 897, Seventy-sixth Congress, there is appropriated as follows: Independent Offices: For Federal Civil Works Administration, $390.69. For National Industrial Recovery, Civil Works Administration, $45.70. For Interstate Commerce Commission, $2. For Federal Trade Commission, $49.87. For operations under Mineral Act of October 5, 1918, $3,150.25. Federal Works Agency: For general expenses of public buildings, Procurement Divi- sion, $1.40. For National Industrial Recovery, Federal Emergency Admin- istration of Public Works, $557.37. Federal Security Agency: For salaries and expenses, Food and Drug Administration, 28 cents. For expenses, Division of Mental Hygiene, Public Health Service, $12. Veterans' Administration: For Army and Navy pensions, $36. For medical and hospital services, Veterans' Bureau, $8.71. For salaries and expenses, Veterans' Administration, $1,576.75. Department of Agriculture: For salaries and expenses, library, Department of Agriculture, $16.75. For salaries and expenses, Farm Credit Administration, $202.76. For agricultural credits and rehabilitation, emergency relief, $14.69. For emergency conservation fund (transfer from War to Agri- culture, Act March 31, 1933), $7.49. For National Industrial Recovery, Agricultural Adjustment Administration, $184.20. For National Industrial Recovery, Interior, soil erosion prevention (transfer to Agriculture), $26.40. For National Industrial Recovery, Resettlement Administration, submarginal lands (transfer to Agriculture), $1,172.45. For loans and relief in stricken agricultural areas (Agriculture transfer for seed corn), $638.91 . For acquisition of lands for protection of watersheds of navigable streams, $120. For salaries and expenses, Forest Service, $96.92. For conservation and use of agricultural land resources, Depart- ment of Agriculture, $199.09 . For salaries and expenses, Bureau of Animal Industry, $40.65. For salaries and expenses, Soil Conservation Service, $271.45. For exportation and domestic consumption of agricultural com- modities, Department of Agriculture, $141.11. For exportation and domestic consumption of agricultural com- modities, Department of Agriculture (transfer to Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation, Act June 28, 1937), $212.84. For salaries and expenses, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, $3.79. Department of Commerce: For salaries and expenses, Weather Bureau, $6.02. For air-navigation facilities, $1. For maintenance of air-navigation facilities, Civil Aeronautics Authority, $1. 23 Stat. 24 . Independent Offices. 40 Stat. 1009 . Department of Agri- culture. 48 Stat. 22. 60 Stat. 323. 15 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 713c. Department of Commerce. 1049