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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3D SESS.-CH. 780-OCT. 9, 1940 Department of the Interior: For National Industrial Recovery, Interior, National Park Service, recreational demonstration projects, $13.80. For migratory bird conservation fund (receipt limitation), $4.06. For National Park Service, $6.32. For conservation of health among Indians, $5.18. For Indian school support, $6.80 . For maintenance, irrigation systems, Flathead Reservation, Mon- tana (receipt limitation), $213.36. For support of Indians and administration of Indian property, $22. Department of Justice: For salaries, fees, and expenses of mar- shals, United States courts, $8.67. For United States Industrial Reformatory, Chillicothe, Ohio, main- tenance, 60 cents. For support of United States prisoners, $89.60. For fees of commissioners, United States courts, $6.75. For fees of jurors and witnesses, United States courts, $48.95. For miscellaneous expenses, United States courts, $52.55. Department of Labor: For salaries and expenses, commissioners of conciliation, $15.15. Navy Department: For ordnance and ordnance stores, Bureau of Ordnance, $2,200. For payment to officers and employees of the United States in foreign countries due to appreciation of foreign currencies, Navy, $103.64. For pay of the Navy, $59.83 . For pay, subsistence, and transportation, Navy, $489.41 . For pay, Marine Corps, $14.20. For maintenance, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, $8.19. For engineering, Bureau of Engineering, $7,250. For aviation, Navy, $133,590.85. Department of State: For transportation of Foreign Service officers, $55.42 . For contingent expenses, Foreign Service, $2.33. Treasury Department: For pay and allowances, Coast Guard, $320.40. For collecting the internal revenue, $1.35. War Department: For general appropriations, Quartermaster Corps, $2,955.20. For pay, and so forth, of the Army, $2,152.34. For pay of the Army, $10,879.85. For Organized Reserves, $8.03. For barracks and quarters, Army, $179.14 . For clothing and equipage, Army, $17.54. For clothing and equipage, $81.19. For supplies, services, and transportation, Quartermaster Corps, $50.89. For Army transportation, $53.30 . For ordnance service and supplies, Army, $1.96. For ammunition storage facilities, Army, $13.83. For increase of compensation, Military Establishment, $40.46. For National Guard, $7.32. For national defense, $14. For Civilian Conservation Corps (transfer to War), $1.86. For emergency conservation work (transfer to War, Act June 22, 1936), $802.76. For emergency conservation fund (transfer to War, Act June 19, 1934), $91.55 . For emergency conservation work (transfer to War, Act February 9, 1937), $301.98. 1051 Department of the Interior. Department of Jus- tice. Department of La- bor. Navy Department. Department of State. Treasury Depart- ment. War Department. 49 Stat. 1601 . 48 Stat. 1055. 50 Stat. 12 .