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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 792-OCT. 9, 1940 SEC. 29. DISCRIMINATIONS PROHIBITED. - Discrimination between in- dividual risks of the same class or hazard in the amount of premiums or rates charged for any policy, or in the benefits or amount of insurance payable thereon, or in any of the terms or conditions of such policy, or m any other manner whatsoever, is prohibited, and the Superintend- ent is empowered after investigation to order removed at such time and in such manner as he shall specify any such discrimination which his investigation may reveal. SEC. 30. AGENTS AND BROKERS-REQUIMENTS FOR LICENSE, AND SO FORTH.-NO company authorized to do business in the District shall, by its representatives or otherwise, make, write, issue, or deliver any contract of insurance, surety, or indemnity, except life, title, and ocean marine insurance, on any person, property, business activity, or insur- able interest within the District except through regularly constituted policy writing agents or authorized salaried employees licensed in the District as provided in this Act. No such contract covering persons, property, business activities, or insurable interests in the District, except contracts of life, title, and ocean marine insurance, shall be written, issued, or delivered by any authorized company or by any of its representatives unless such con- tract is duly countersigned in writing by a person who is licensed as provided in this Act to countersign such contracts, and no salaried officer, manager, or other salaried employee of any authorized company, unless he be licensed as provided in this Act, shall write, issue, or countersign any such contract. No company, agent, or salaried company employee shall make any agreement as to a policy other than that which is plainly expressed in the policy issued. No company, agent, salaried company employee, or broker shall pay or offer to pay or allow as an inducement to any person to insure any rebate of premium or any special favor or advantage whatever in the dividends to accrue thereon, or any inducement whatever not specified in the policy. Every company authorized by this Act to do business in the District shall file annually with the Superintendent on or before the 15th day of April, and at such other times as they may be appointed, a list of agents and salaried employees of said company who are authorized to solicit, write, effect, issue, or deliver policies for such company in the District, except that the names of soliciting agents may be filed either by the company or by the policy-writing agent. Any policy-writing agent or salaried company employee authorized by any company to solicit, negotiate, bind, write, or issue policies or applications therefor shall, in any controversy between the insured or his representative and the said company, be held to be the agent of the company which issued or effected the policy solicited or so applied for, anything in the application or policy to the contrary notwithstanding. Any payment made by or on behalf of the insured to any broker for policies issued to such broker for delivery to the insured or issued directly to the insured on the order of such broker, shall, in contro- versies between the insured and the company, be deemed to have been paid to the company. No soliciting agent shall have any authority to countersign any policy. SEC. 31. PAYMENT OF COMMSSIONS RESTRICTED TO LICENSED PER- SONS. - No company, policy-writing agent, soliciting agent, broker, or salaried employee shall pay any money or commission or brokerage or give or allow any valuable consideration to any person for or because of service in the District in negotiating or effecting a policy on any person, property, business activity, or insurable interest in the District, 1077 Discriminations prohibited. Agents and brokers, requirements for li- cense, etc. Countersigning of contracts. Contradictory agreements. Inducements not specified in policy. Filing of list of agents and salaried employees authorized to write, etc., policies. Status of policy- writing agent, etc. Certain payments to broker deemed paid to company. Countersigning re- strictions. Payment of commis- sions restricted to li- censed persons.