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54 STAT.] 7 6TH CONG., 3D SESS.-CH. 842-OCT. 10 , 1940 1099 hearing. At the request of any party properly interested the Board Hearing. shall provide for a hearing, and may provide for a hearing on its own motion. The Board shall prescribe regulations governing the pro- Regulations. ceedings provided for in this paragraph and for decisions upon such proceedings. "Final decision of the Board in the cases provided for in the pre- F 'ial decision of ceding two paragraphs shall be communicated to the claimant and to Board;review etc. the other interested parties within fifteen days after it is made. Any properly interested party notified, as hereinabove provided, of his right to participate in the proceedings may obtain a review of any such decision by which he claims to be aggrieved or the deter- mination of any issue therein in the manner provided in subsection (f) of this section with respect to the review of the Board's decisions upon claims for benefits and subject to all provisions of law applicable to the review of such decisions. Subject only to such review, the decision of the Board upon all issues determined in such decision shall be final and conclusive for all purposes and shall conclusively estab- lish all rights and obligations, arising under this Act, of every party notified as hereinabove provided of his right to participate in the proceedings." SEC. 21. Section 6 of said Act is hereby amended to read as follows: 53 Stat. 847. "SEC. 6 . Employers shall file with the Board, in such manner and v3. C., upp. at such times as the Board by regulations may prescribe, returns under satnofe fompiyeen oath of compensation of employees, and, if the Board shall so require, shall distribute to employees annual statements of compensation: Provided,That no returns shall be required of employers which would ot inorm. duplicate information contained in similar returns required under tion. any other Act of Congress administered by the Board. The Board's compensation, conciu- record of the compensation so returned shall, for the purpose of siveness. determining eligibility for and the amount of benefits, be conclusive as to the amount of compensation earned by an employee during the period covered by the return, and the fact that the Board's records show that no return was made of the compensation claimed to be earned by an employee during a particular period shall, for the pur- poses of determining eligibility for and the amount of benefits, be taken as conclusive that no compensation was earned by such employee during that period, unless the error in the amount of compensation in the one case, or failure to make or record return of the compensation in the other case, is called to the attention of the Board within eighteen months after the date on which the last return covering any portion of the calendar year which includes such period is required to have been made." SEC. 22. Subsection (d) of section 11 of said Act is hereby amended 52sa'g; su06. to read as follows: v, 361 (d). "(d) So much of the balance in the fund as of June 30 of each Transfer of desig- year as is in excess of $6,000,000 shall as of such date be transferred de ttaco ist. ur- from the fund and credited to the account." SEC. 23. The first paragraph of subsection (1) of section 12 of said 52 Stat. 1110. Act is hereby amended by adding thereto the following sentence: v, i3s .c ., SUpp. "A person in the employ of the Board on June 30, 1939, and on June Civilservice status. 30, 1940, and who has had experience in railroad service, shall acquire a competitive classified civil-service status if, after recommendation by the Board to the Civil Service Commission, he shall pass such non- competitive tests of fitness for the position for which the Board recommends him as the Civil Service Commission may prescribe." SEC. 24 . Subsection (1) of s ection 12 of said Act is hereby further 52 stat. o . amended by changing the period at the end thereof to a colon and add- v 52u tj. c,. pp. clnnad v, I32M0. ing the following: "And provided further, That, for the purpose of praovs. registering unemployed employees who reside in areas in which no tering unemployed employer facilities are located, or in which no employer will make mployees