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54 STAT.] 76rH CONG. , 3D SESS. - CH. 849-OCT. 10 , 1940 vessel constructed or acquired by the taxpayer in whole or in part out of the construction reserve fund shall be reduced by that portion of the deposits in the fund expended in the construction or acquisition of the new vessel which represents gain not recognized under subsection (c). "(e) For the purposes of this section, (1) if the net proceeds of a sale or the net indemnity in respect of a loss are deposited in more than one deposit, the amount consisting of the gain shall be considered as first deposited; (2) amounts expended, obligated, or otherwise withdrawn shall be applied against the amounts deposited in the fund in the order of deposit; and (3) if any deposit consists in part of gain not recognized under subsection (c), any expenditure, obligation, or withdrawal applied against such deposit shall be considered to consist of gain in the proportion that the part of the deposit consisting of gain bears to the total amount of the deposit. "(f) With respect to any taxable year, amounts on deposit on the last day of such year in a construction reserve fund in accordance with this section and with respect to which all the requirements of subsection (g) have been satisfied, to the extent that such requirements are applicable as of the last day of said taxable year, shall not con- stitute an accumulation of earnings or profits within the meaning of section 102 of the Internal Revenue Code. "(g) The provisions of subsections (c) and (f) shall apply to any deposit in the construction reserve fund only to the extent that such deposit is expended or obligated for expenditure, in accordance with rules and regulations to be prescribed jointly by the Commission and the Secretary of the Treasury, under a contract for the construction or acquisition of a new vessel or vessels entered into within two years from the date of such deposit, and only if under such rules and regulations- "(1) within such period of two years not less than 12/2 per centum of the construction or contract price of the vessel or ves- sels is paid or irrevocably committed on account thereof and the plans and specifications therefor are approved by the Commission to the extent by it deemed necessary; and "(2) in case of a vessel or vessels not constructed under the provisions of this title or not purchased from the Commission, (A) said construction is completed, within six months from the date of the construction contract, to the extent of not less than 5 per centum thereof (or in case the contract covers more than one vessel, the construction of the first vessel so contracted for is so completed to the extent of not less than 5 per centum) as estimated by the Commission and certified by it to the Secretary of the Treasury, and (B) all construction under such contract is completed with reasonable dispatch thereafter. "(h) The Commissioner of Internal Revenue is authorized under rules and regulations to be prescribed jointly by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Commission to grant extensions of the period within which the deposits shall be expended or obligated or within which construction shall have progressed to the extent of 5 per centum of completion as provided herein, but such extension shall not be for an aggregate additional period in excess of two years with respect to the expenditure or obligation of such deposits or more than one year with respect to the progress of such construction. "(i) Any such deposited gain or portion thereof which is not so expended or obligated within the period provided, or which is other- wise withdrawn before the expiration of such period, or with respect to which the construction has not progressed to the extent of 5 per 1107 Deposits and with- drawals. Amounts on deposit on last day of taxable year. 53 Stat. 35 . 26U.S . C .,Supp.V, §102. Applicabilityof des- ignated subsections. Certain extensions permitted. Treatment of unex- pended deposited gain or uncompleted con- struction.